Hi! I’m Sharvina & I’ve decided to blog during my spare time, with the intention to share with you various general practical tips & ideas, helping to make our daily lives easier!  Things that I’ve experienced, taken time to nail down, or just encountered by accident.

What to expect??? A wide range of ideas on how we could do things better,  in an easier way, from what I’ve seen, felt, learnt & would like to share through my new blog website.

Should you wish to know more about me, please feel free to check out my linked social media sites, & connect / follow (if that would be of relevance to your interests), sharing your own experiences & ideas as well.

My driving force in investing my time to write blog articles, while living my passion for writing, is to share with you & also receive in return, new tips & ideas on how to live our daily lives cleverly, for more fulfillment!

Here’s to tackling life in a wiser way!  Cheers!!!

Photo by Nick Kwan on Pexels.com

20 thoughts on “Why I’ve decided to blog?

  1. Omg I’m so excited to read more, I’ve been reading a book about managing my day to day acts and this definitely fits in what I need to inhabit! More more!!

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  2. reading your posts, i realise would of been a huge waiste if you didn’t ! i can’t see the future but i can tell your blog and articles are great and you will get lots of awards Sharvina !

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