It happens at times, we get stuck in a dilemma, asking which mode of transportation to take on a particular day. There are pros and cons for each, and except for normal days such as going to work or school, where our routine and time keeping is primordial & pondering on how to get to our destination, wouldn’t be helpful! So instead, let’s think of going for window shopping on a Saturday to relax & enjoy…

I’m ready, all dressed up in my latest casual jeans & a tank top, not in a hurry to get to the city centre mall, where I will meet my friends to unwind this weekend. I consider taking my car, then realize that I haven’t washed it yet for the coming week. I also know that the mall parking is likely to be full, leaving me with the need to wander around to see if a parking is available. I foresee that the busy weekend hustle & bustle will cause a heavier road traffic!

I think that taking the bus would be better! Well, I also see that it might take me close to half an hour, if not more time to find one that is not already too full to stop for new passengers. I hate it when people push each other, just to get into the bus first! I admire when we are all polite & patient towards each other, showing mutual respect.

Then I look at my bicycle! Wouldn’t it be great to work out at the same time & remain in perfect shape? No burning of fossil fuel required, so that contributes towards saving our planet as well! My choice is now final!

The scenario above gives us an idea on how we could avoid using motor vehicles in given situations, provided good time keeping will not be compromised & have a negative impact on effectiveness. Couldn’t we take a break from the stressful wheel during peak traffic, from time to time, feeling relaxed & happier, taking time to feast our eyes on the surrounding scenery?

Would you make the same choice as I did? I invite you to share your experience below.

9 thoughts on “Should I take the bus or drive my car?

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