Skincare is truly important for each and everyone!  Our skin is the largest organ of the human body, acting like an envelope while protecting against infections, regulating body temperature through goose-flesh and sweating, containing sensory receptors against pain, heat / cold, and more.  However, it’s also exposed to the harshness of the sun, wind, dust, pollution, and more.  Caring for our skin is important at every age.  While we are young, we naturally benefit from smooth and supple skin texture.  As we age, our skin gradually looses moisture and elasticity, resulting in formation of lines and loss in firmness.

My daily morning skincare routine consists of cleansing, to remove dust, sebum (the natural oil of the skin), and other types of skin debris.  Toning helps remove excess cleanser left on the skin, tightens the pores, firming the skin.  Then, I apply a serum (optional) and a moisturizer.  Before going outdoor, my sunscreen is a must, to help prevent sun burn, dehydration and premature wrinkling.  I prefer light day make up, most of the time.

For the gents, morning routine is likely to be cleansing, shaving and application of aftershave / other available product, followed by a sunscreen.  For the little ones, washing their face with a gentle product, followed by a light moisturizer / sun protection / other available product, adapted to their age.

At night, before bedtime, my routine consists of cleansing, toning, application of a serum (optional), eye cream and moisturizer / night cream.  I always drink lots of water (minimum 2 litres) daily, consume fresh vegetables, fruits, exercise while breathing fresh air, and prefer having enough sleep (recommended around 7 – 8 hours).  Children and teens tend to need more sleep, depending on their age.

Other important products to use on a weekly  / bi-weekly basis (depending on your skin type), are the scrub, to help remove the layer of dead skin cells, facial mask for nourishment and other benefits.  Spa products for body skincare with relaxation include the shower gel, scrub, relaxation bath salts, slimming creams, and more.  The products you choose will depend on your skin type, skin condition, brand preference, budget, media, probably also on your group of friends (peer influence).

For any general comments, do share your experience below, telling us how you proceed with your skincare routine (please abstain from naming brands for commercial purposes / only share a link if informative).  Thanking you…

Note: for more info about the functions of the skin, you may wish to see an archived page of the BBC.

















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