There are days when ideas don’t come naturally, and I make efforts to find inspiration, such as finding a topic for my new blog post.  While using the ‘daily prompt’ is very useful (a life saver for regular blogging), my special exercise for inspiration and idea-generation is often to stroll down my garden.  Observing nature clears my mind, brings serenity, and helps me to focus, develop, and choose the best topic for my next blog.

The featured photo in this post, which I call  ‘cotton clouds as seen from my garden’, and the one below, ‘from my yard, looking over the fence’, can also be seen on Instagram @sharvina.y (my own).

Instagram looking over the fence 111117

While this week’s post is exceptionally very short, the photos also convey stories of their own.  I invite you to share your experience on idea-generation, and what works best for you.  Thank you!

10 thoughts on “Strolls for inspiration

  1. Sometimes poems form while I’m driving or interacting with people. The challenge is to remember them when I get time to write. Not always the case. I love the “cotton clouds”.

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