Should you work harder, and harder, and then, infinitely harder…?  From what I’ve seen, we really should be working hard, of course!  However, after having reached a high level of working hard enough, working harder could prove to be unproductive and even unhealthy, giving undesired results!  That’s why I choose to work smart as well!!


Planning your work on a daily basis is a must. We should also have weekly, monthly, yearly and longer term (if possible) plans, with constant / regular feedback and review.


I check my emails only 2-3 times daily, and make use of the priority folder, with notifications enabled, only for my important emails.


Taking regular breaks help me to recharge, and I work better after getting back to my work!  The interval and duration of breaks, vary from person to person, and according to your organization.

Avoid having lunch at your work desk, but rather move out of your workspace, and spend time with colleagues.

Don’t skip your coffee breaks.  Who doesn’t want coffee / tea / other goodies, such as herbal infusions, with all the benefits they bring?  How about having some ice cream during your break (if possible)?


Exercising at your work desk, for a few minutes daily, aids relaxation, and you are likely to feel fit to continue further work.  Rotate your shoulders, stretch your arms and legs.  Apply a little pressure at the temples, breathing in and out, deeply.  You’re fresh again!


We need to delegate work that can be done by others, so that we are able to concentrate fully, on what only we should do (this may differ, depending on your role / if you’re an employee or not / depending on your organizational structure / more).

Since I manage my own business from home, I’ve outsourced certain tasks, that are better done by specialists in given fields.


Automation helps, so that we can deliver quality, on time, and easily.  Using tools such as Canva, Buffer, MailChimp, HubSpot, Salesforce (just to name a few), are very helpful.

Generally, automated tools may provide support in creating graphics, aid in attracting visitors, converting them into leads, closing sales and retaining clients, others for giving targeted and personalised communication, and much more.  The basic accounts offer some free features.

Team synergy

Haven’t we all heard that “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts”-Aristotle?  This is the effect of true ‘team synergy’!  Forming a team carefully, having great team spirit and cohesion, contributes to working smarter, for achieving set objectives.


Last but not least, the importance of our wellness and well-being should never be underestimated.  Having a balanced diet, drinking plenty of water daily, exercising regularly, meditating and sleeping enough, are highly required, so that we feel good about ourselves.  Feeling happier, motivated and energized, we are likely to focus on working smart, for achieving desired results!

Do you do different things to work smart?  Please share your ideas and experience, I’d love to learn!

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