Do you find yourself alone sometimes, wondering what to do all by yourself? Do you resist the temptation to go out on a spree, spending money carelessly and uselessly? Read my blog post to find easy things to do when you’re alone, while on a budget!

As I blog on life tips, I’m sharing with you things that I’ve tried, found helpful and which you may use for information purposes. These are my top 30 tips:

Recharge your mind

1. Meditate. You’ll find calmness and peace of mind.

Tips from Sharvi

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2. Practice yoga. It keeps you healthy.

3. Read a book. Grow your knowledge with educational books or dive deep into a fiction story!

4. Write a blog post. Share your experience with the world.

Work towards your life purpose

5. Reflect on life. Ask yourself questions about the life you intend to live.

6. Find your ‘why’. Pinpoint your true ‘raison d’être’ (‘The most important reason or purpose for someone or something’s existence’, as per Oxford Dictionaries).

7. Plan your to-do list. Plan for productivity.

8. Journal. Reflect on your day, examine your emotions, be grateful, note progress towards your set goals/New Year resolutions and more.

30 ways to enjoy time alone on a budget, Tips from Sharvi.

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Fitness activities

9. Take a leisure walk and admire the view.

10. Try something more intense, like jogging.

11. Do cardio. There are many types of exercises that will make you sweat and burn fat.

12. Go for a swim or do any other sport that you prefer.

Pamper yourself

13. Make yourself a cup of coffee and relish your drink!

14. Make yourself a detox smoothie and enjoy this healthy beverage.

15. Give yourself a facial for better skin.

16. Give yourself a foot massage to relax and recharge, after a hectic day.

17. Have a warm foot bath, while listening to soothing music.

Image from canva.com30 ways to enjoy time alone on a budget, – Tips from Sharvi.

Grow your knowledge

18. Watch television… find documentary programmes that increase your knowledge, or simply search for relevant YouTube videos.

19. Keep up with the news. Catch up with what’s going on in your country and around the world.

20. Take an online course. Find free or paid training that helps improve your skills.

Talk to someone

21. Call someone. Connect genuinely with a friend or kin. Don’t just scroll through their social media feed to give them likes.

30 ways to enjoy time alone on a budget, Tips from Sharvi.

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22. Get in touch with a former classmate, who you haven’t seen for years.

23. Play with your pet. Play and communicate with your dog, cat, bird or other pet. They’ll appreciate it! Fish in an aquarium will also feel your presence.

Enjoy chores

24. Declutter. Seize the opportunity to get rid of unnecessary items that take up space. You may donate, sell as second hand items or else throw away. Make your home/yard a pleasure to be in!

25. Bake a cake. Treat yourself to your favourite dessert!

26. Try a new recipe. Be the guinea pig! Explore with cooking new types of food, so that you get the chance to taste it yourself first and improve if needed (before serving anything to others).


27. Draw/paint. Pour your ideas in the form of drawings and paint on paper/fabric.

28. Stitch/knit/crochet. Prepare your new sweater for winter.

29. Gardening. Water the flowers, plant a new tree or start a new rock garden corner all by yourself!

30. Bricolage. Instead of throwing away used objects, bring them together into a recycled decoration piece for your living room or other useful item.

Do anything else that you prefer… just let your imagination run wild to find things that you truly love and enjoy!


Spending time in solo can be pleasant, while on a budget. Time is gold, so you should use it carefully! Do you have tips to share? Please do so. Thank you!

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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