Are you duly taking advantage of self-improvement by doing the right type of things? Are you spending your precious time doing those activities that help you the most? Read my blog post to see how you can make better use of self-improvement…

Self-improvement: ‘the improvement of one’s status, position, education, etc, by one’s own efforts’ – Collins Dictionary

In this blog post, I’ll list 14 tips that help in optimizing the overall benefits of self-improvement:

1. Firstly, find your life purpose, which guides your whole life and gives meaning to it. You can also call it your ‘why’ or ‘raison d’être’. Knowing this will give you long-term direction in anything that you undertake.

“Most experts and great leaders agree that leaders are made, not born, and that they are made through their own drive for learning and self-improvement.” – Carol S. Dweck

2. Set the right goals for yourself. You’ll have longer-term benefits, being genuinely motivated to work on them. Working on superficial goals, on the other hand, won’t have the same effect.

14 tips to make the most of self-improvement, Tips from Sharvi.
Photo courtesy Canva. 14 tips to make the most of self-improvement, Tips from Sharvi.

3. Have a proper morning routine. It sets the right tone for a great day ahead! When you know that you’re in control of your morning, you’re likely to have a productive day.

4. Be careful to dedicate enough time for daily self-care. You need to put yourself first, to be fit and fresh for your work. Your wellness is crucial!

5. Eat healthy and nutritious foods in the right proportions and amounts. Drink plenty of water. Avoid excessive intake of sugar, junk foods, alcohol, and nicotine.

6. Make sure you get enough physical exercise by regularly practicing your favourite activities. Go for cardio, sports, yoga or anything else that retains your interest. Doing what you truly enjoy is not a chore, but sheer pleasure!

7. Have hobbies that you love. This is part of self-improvement too. You can further develop your skills/talents and maybe even make a side-hustle out of it!

8. Ongoing learning is key to success. Learn from past mistakes and don’t repeat them. Take an interest in the latest developments in your industry, to remain updated.

“I’ve done a lot of self-improvement. I’m always working on being a better person.” – Joel Madden

9. Don’t be afraid to take calculated risks! You’ll gain a lot from them. Those you dare are always ahead of those who remain idle.

10. Spend quality time with your family and friends. These are the true golden moments in life. Your happiness depends much on yourself as you can find it in the simple joys of life!

11. Maintain great relationships in your professional circle and network for more contacts. You’re likely to gain support from others and also give them a hand. Relationships play an important role in getting things done in the right way and on time.

12. Pray/meditate daily. You’ll have a serene mind, be more alert, control stress levels and more. You’ll also look and feel great!

13. Plan for your finances in advance. Set high-quality and realistic goals. Cater for entertainment after your needs. Provide for your future and anticipate for emergencies. Save as much as you can for retirement/investments.

14 tips to make the most of self-improvement, Tips from Sharvi.
Photo courtesy Canva. 14 tips to make the most of self-improvement, Tips from Sharvi.

14. Review your set goals periodically. See if they still align with what you want to achieve and make changes if needed. Keep your self-improvement activities relevant for long-term success!

“Become addicted to constant and never-ending self-improvement.” – Anthony J. D’Angelo


To sum up, set the right goals for yourself and work on self-improvement accordingly, to achieve meaningful results. Do you have any tips to share? Please do so. Thank you!!

Photo/Image courtesy: Canva


Definition of self-improvement

Quote by Carol S. Dweck

Quote by Joel Madden

Quote by Anthony J. D’Angelo


27 thoughts on “14 tips to make the most of self-improvement

  1. I love this list! I am going to read your morning routine habits as well now! I love the bit about meditating and having hobbies – I make sure to achieve these each day and it really helps me! Thanks for sharing!

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  2. These are all great tips for self improvement. I must admit, I have put self care at the bottom of my list of priorities. I am hoping that someday that will change.

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