Do you despise staying indoors for a long time?  This may depend on your personality type, daily habits and more.  You normally choose your activities. However, given certain reasons such as social distancing needs, you may have to stay at home for days, weeks if not months.  Read my blog post to make the most of your precious time wholeheartedly.

I spend much of my time at home. Having chosen to work from home after some experience in the corporate world, I’ve enjoyed having my home office for over 6 years!  I run this blog alongside my business activities. Planning my agenda with flexibility is one of the major blessings that I’m grateful for in life. 

I’m sharing a list of 11 productive (and enjoyable) activities that you shouldn’t miss out on:

1. Meditation

Dedicate time to meditating daily.  It has diverse benefits and makes you feel serene.  Praying also does wonders.  

2. Exercise

Being confined to the luxury of your house doesn’t mean that you should become sedentary.  Make time for fitness activities. You can easily find videos online for sessions that are free, simple to follow, and only require a small space to perform.  Be sure to follow all health and safety measures that apply to you.

3. Self-care

Self-care is a daily necessity.  To perform optimally in whatever you do in life, you need to feel at your very best first. Relax, have a skincare routine, spend quality time with family, and so on.  Being alert requires proper sleep. Never neglect yourself. 

4. Vision boards 

While using time productively, work on your life goals.  Find your life purpose and long-term vision, which are key to achieving what you truly want.  Devise an action plan to achieve them, and remain focused by creating a vision board.

How to enjoy time at home wholeheartedly
Courtesy of Canva. How to enjoy time at home wholeheartedly, Tips from Sharvi.

5. Journal

If you haven’t already started journaling, then this is the golden opportunity to do so.  I journal daily to keep track of my set goals and express gratitude. I had previously neglected this habit for years.  However, now, I’m enjoying all the benefits that I see for myself!

6. Read

In times of social distancing, ebooks and other forms of digital downloads are best.  They are also easily shipped. Enjoy yourself with your favourite genre. I mostly crave self-help ebooks!

7. Start a new hobby

Get into action for a hobby you’ve had in mind, but haven’t actualized yet.  Side-hustles often originate in the form of hobbies and then grow successfully.  The most important thing is to truly enjoy what you do.

8. Declutter 

Spending time at home for longer may prompt you to take a look around your house and more closely.  Do you notice some clutter? You’re likely to roll your sleeves up, take help from others at home, and do some thorough cleaning.

How to enjoy time at home wholeheartedly
Courtesy of Canva. How to enjoy time at home wholeheartedly, Tips from Sharvi.

9. Play games

Play games for fun.  Enjoy video games, stimulate your thinking with trivia questions and answers.  However, do take regular digital detox as well.

10. Work from home

Spending time away from the office may require that you work from home.  This helps to continue the progress of work, completion of projects and maintain productivity levels.  In times of social distancing on a vast scale, such as a pandemic, it’s an essential measure for sustainable economic activity.

11. Online courses

Dedicate time to your self-improvement.  Set desired goals in areas that you want to learn and grow.  Learn new skills that will move your career further or find a new hobby course.  Online courses are convenient, flexible, and often more affordable compared to those held at venues.


Having to stay at home for longer than usual can seem repulsive.  However, time is extremely precious, so make the most of it! Find the right enjoyable activities for yourself, and use them for your betterment.  Do you have any tips to share? Please do so. If you know someone who needs such tips, please share my blog post. Thank you!!


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