Life lessons, life experiences, and the wisdom that come with them is priceless!  I’m sure you must have gone through certain key events in your life that brought pivotal changes in shaping the person you’ve become today (and you must have learnt from them for the better).  In this blog post, I’ll share 5 fervent realizations that improved my life, which I believe will be helpful to my blog readers.

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learnt and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.

As a self-improvement blogger, I also share self-care and life tips with my readers as all three categories go hand-in-hand, working together in harmony for better results.

Here are the 5 key points, with some helpful links to my other blog posts, and short Instagram slideshow videos:

1. Life purpose

Finding your life purpose is key to knowing what you want to achieve in life.  It could be hard at first when you start pondering about what your ‘why’ or ‘raison d’être’ is.  However, once you’ve understood and realized what it is, you have a clearer picture of what you want to do.

I spent years moving from company to company, not finding any meaning in what I was doing at that time.  I then took a drastic decision to leave the corporate world and took some time to find my life purpose.  I went into entrepreneurship and also working from home, which I’ve been doing for over 7 years already, and have been blogging for around 3 years (at the time of writing this blog post).  I must say, although it was a significant challenge at first, I’m so grateful that I went through it for all the results that I’ve obtained.

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Courtesy of Canva. 5 fervent realizations that improved my life – Tips from Sharvi.

2. Life goals

After knowing what it is that I want out of my life, I set myself the right goals and work on them.  Goal-setting models are proven techniques that you can use to set and monitor your progress.  Although there are many of them, the SMART (specific, measurable, achievable, relevant, and time-bound) acronym is often used.  Always keep your goals relevant by reviewing and updating them frequently.  

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3. Daily habits

While I work on my set goals, I identify gaps between my daily habits and the results I want to achieve.  This is a personal exercise, so it’s likely to vary from person to person.  However, a healthy lifestyle benefits everyone, and in many ways.  Always aim at having regular physical exercise, a balanced and nutritious diet, drink plenty of water, and have proper sleep daily.

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4. Meditation

I value mindfulness as a lifestyle.  From meditation to gratitude, to behaving in thoughtful ways towards other people, living in the moment has made me more mature in my approach to life.  A few years ago, I took a course of 8 sessions to learn some helpful techniques, so that I can practice on my own at home.

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Courtesy of Canva. 5 fervent realizations that improved my life – Tips from Sharvi.

5. Self-help

Self-help is very beneficial, as you can learn to do so much for yourself and others as well.  Many people choose to use free resources, some buy online courses, while others see a coach for one-to-one sessions.  You could also opt for a combination of the three different options, depending on your budget and available time.


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My ‘life tips’ blog category

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To sum up, life lessons are invaluable as they teach us so much about life.  You may relate to some (if not all) of the 5 realizations that have helped me improve myself.  Would you like to share your experience?  If you know someone who should read my post, please share it.  Thank you!!  

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.


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