Do you value discipline more than motivation, or the other way round?  Motivation is key to success.  However, how could discipline be more important?  Read my blog post for more…

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I’m a self-improvement blogger and would love to share with my readers on the topic.  In the course of my life and since I left the corporate world for entrepreneurship and working from home (over 7 years already, at the time of writing this blog post), I’ve seen the importance of self-restraint.  I sometimes lost the desire, but my self-control ensured that I didn’t give up.

Here are 10 ways discipline is more important than motivation:

1. Daily habits

No matter what you choose to accomplish and however you define success for yourself in life, one thing that supports achievements is building the right habits.  Having or developing daily habits and routines that are conducive to your aims, help much.  Knowing what you want to acquire and then taking action regularly leads to progress.

2. Discipline versus motivation

Self-restraint is often more helpful than desire.  This can be seen differently by different people.  We all have our experiences.  However, why would anyone say that discipline is more advantageous than motivation?  Read on to see…

10 ways discipline is more important than motivation
Image from 10 ways discipline is more important than motivation – Tips from Sharvi.

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How to Build Self-Discipline

3. More reliable 

Being able to control yourself is a wonderful advantage.  You can decide that you will go to the gym every day and do so.  You know that you will complete all important tasks on time because you’re in control of your actions and have planned and organized your day around them.

4. More stable

Being able to restrain yourself and stay on track, you know that your mood and the weather won’t cause you to neglect what’s important.  Taking rest and self-care is vital to feeling energized.  At the same time, self-restraint is your ally in completing work.

5. Decrease in desire

Motivation is great and even essential for success.  However, relying on it solely for progress could sometimes, if not often, be disappointing.  Impulse is something that you feel, and when things aren’t going as well as planned, the fuel starts going down.  With self-control, you know you’ll keep going on.

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6. Self-motivation

There’s a popular saying, ‘be your own motivation’, and it brings much value to my life.  When I want to realize a project, especially working from home and being my boss, I can only trust and rely on myself to see desired results.  There’s no one to coerce or punish me, however, I may suffer a loss if I become lazy (which I don’t, thanks to self-restraint).

7. Self-discipline

No self-control seems pleasant, yet, it’s a golden habit that boosts progress and even success.  Linked to self-motivation, self-discipline is intrinsic in the sense that you truly want to do something.  You’re more likely to persevere wholeheartedly and not give up.

8. Importance

Having self-control over your actions is a blessing.  Desire is great to achieve goals, however, it tends to fade, fluctuate, and can even die.  Self-control has longer-term benefits, as you keep putting in the effort and doing what’s necessary.

9. Leads to success

Working on the right goals with perseverance is key to progress.  If you’re interested and feel that you want to achieve something, the wish can increase or decrease over time.  Self-control will steadily support you and is, therefore, more favourable.

10. Consistency

Doing the right things with willpower and determination have long-term benefits.  Being consistent will move you closer to every next small milestone and closer to achieving bigger set goals.  Life has its ups and downs, and while desire can fluctuate, trust your self-restraint and consistency.

10 ways discipline is more important than motivation
Image from 10 ways discipline is more important than motivation
– Tips from Sharvi.

How to Build Self-Discipline

My list is intended to be a starting point for inspiration.  Do take a minute or two to ponder about your life experiences.  Do you agree that discipline is more important than motivation?


Motivation is vital for success, however, you cannot rely on it solely to achieve success.  Discipline on the other hand can support you better in taking the right actions consistently.  Would you like to comment on your experience?  If you find my article helpful, please share it for more people to see.  Thanks and cheers!




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