There are times when you need to step back for a while, just to see the bigger picture, contemplate, evaluate, and reflect on it.  You set goals to work on and reviewing them periodically helps to focus on the right things.  Personal achievement is part of success.

On my self-improvement blog, I’ve published some articles on life goals.  In this one, I’ll share some aspects of life and how reflecting on them from time to time is vital to stay focused on doing the right things.  I’ve read about the topic, practised it, and can see the benefits.  Therefore, I’d love to tell my readers about it too.


1. Life goals

Setting the right goals for yourself is primordial to focus on, make efforts, and achieve valuable things.  This includes personal, professional, and even any spheres of life that you value the most.  Everyone defines what success means for himself or herself, so it varies from person to person.

Knowing your life purpose is important.  For example, before I found mine, I spent years working in a corporate world that I didn’t want.  However, I now do what I find most meaningful, and for over eight years already (at the time of writing).

2. New Year’s resolution

At the end of each year, people tend to reflect on their New Year’s resolution.  This can be done at any time of the year too.  It’s crucial to assess and see how well you’ve achieved what you aim for and to prepare a new plan again.

I like the concept of the New Year’s resolution.  I also consider my intentions often throughout the year.  Having weekly, monthly, yearly, and longer-term targets are helpful to pin down a relevant time frame for the realization of any projects.

3. Professional objectives

As far as professional or career goals are concerned, it’s likely to involve a formal evaluation made by your boss if you’re employed.  On the other hand, if you work for yourself, having points to measure your success is key to knowing how well you performed and how to improve.  When you don’t report to anyone, you’re accountable to yourself, right?

I work from home as a solopreneur.  Alongside my blog, I also work with a company.  My blogging plan for this year (at the time of writing) included adding new features to my blog to expand my activities, and I have upgraded to a higher plan.

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Image from 8 personal achievements periodic reflections for success – Tips from Sharvi.

4. Self-improvement

Lifelong learning is great, as anyone who embraces it, will always endeavour to know more and more.  It helps both personally and professionally.  When I set my blogging goals, I also make sure that I develop the skills that I need by investing in online courses.

5. Family 

Thinking about how much time you’ve spent with close ones supports ensuring good quality time.  With the recent lockdown in many countries, it’s not been possible to meet many people.  In some countries, people can now move around more easily, given improvements made due to vaccination campaigns, but still, need to be very careful.  

6. Self-care 

Self-care and self-love are both essential for everyone.  When you work hard (and smart), you also need to take the time to relax and replenish with proper sleep, nutrition, drink enough water, and so on. Fitness exercises, such as cardio, help stay in shape and active.  Reflect on your habits and ensure that it’s taken care of daily.


7. Serenity and spirituality

Meditation, mindfulness, and yoga are part of my daily serenity routine.  I prefer practising in the morning.  If you don’t already meditate, why not try it now to see how you feel? Praying, journaling, and gratitude, all help in many ways.

8. Financial

Planning financially for the future is inevitable.  How much you earn through your job or how much income you derive from your business, are key things to contemplate.  Also important is to think about expenses, savings, investment, and anything else that is relevant. 

These 8 points could be common to most people.  If I missed out on something that you’d like to add, please comment below.  How about your periodic review of life goals?


Personal achievements need reflection for success.  It helps to focus and work on the real things that matter and also plan for the next goals and actions to take.  If you find value in my article, please comment and share it for others to read it.  Thank you!!

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Image from 8 personal achievements periodic reflections for success – Tips from Sharvi.

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