How can deadlines boost better work performance?  You may be someone who works for a company, a business owner, a solopreneur or another type of professional.  You may be part of the junior staff or maybe have reached the management level.  Read my article for more.

The benefits 

Reach your goals

Setting time limits helps to ensure that you stay on track.  Knowing that you’ve got to submit a project by a specific date, is beneficial.  It creates momentum for the better.

If you’re the type of person who can get distracted easily, then make the most of setting such limits.  They can act as a tool for better accountability, boosting desired results.  With teamwork, if one member procrastinates, the whole project could be in peril.

I work as a solopreneur from home.  Having to hold myself accountable for progress, I take my to-dos in the form of a calendar seriously.  My daily tasks are time-bound, and I use apps to support me.

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Making use of support systems to respect milestones is vital.  If you work with other team members and lead or manage them in an organization, then you may need more complex coordination.  Benefit from using relevant software and tools for your activities.

Creates urgency

Have you ever procrastinated before?  Chances are that you may have, as it can happen to anyone.  Some days just don’t feel right.  Things can happen unexpectedly.  Feeling discouraged, with a fall in motivation, anyone could start procrastinating.

Some days are better than others.  Be on time with your to-dos, and take consistent action.  Having limits create urgency to act.

I do value having a to-do list.  However, using my Google Calendar app is much better.  I fit in tasks and events that are time-bound.

Boosts commitment

When you know that you’ve got to complete something by a certain date, you’re more likely to put in the effort.  It helps to focus on your priorities and progress.  Being committed to achieving milestones within due dates, is vital.

With a list of tasks to complete and no urgency, chances are that anyone could neglect them after a while.  Priorities are key.  Keep yourself accountable and stay committed by having a proper action plan. 

I believe in working on meaningful goals that I feel connected to.  It’s key to my life purpose.  Previously, I had spent some years working in corporate jobs.  Currently, in my home office (for over 8 years at the time of writing), I feel the difference and love it!

Tips on making the most of your deadlines

Have relevant goals

If you’re your own boss, you need to set the right milestones for yourself.  If you have a boss, then the company that employs you may have a performance management and appraisal system in place for that.  Departmental targets have to be in line with the organizational objectives.  

The SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound) criteria is a popular framework for goal-setting.  The last letter ‘T’, which stands for ‘time-bound’, emphasizes the need to reach a target by a specific date.  Measure your progress regularly to check if you’re on the dot.

Sometimes what you aim for may get outdated.  In other words, things change and some objectives may become redundant.  Periodically review these and change anything that needs to.  Adjust any required end periods accordingly.

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Meaningful objectives

What you aim for should be meaningful, or else it could be a waste of time.  If it’s your business, then it should boost your profitability results.  Anyone investing in an endeavour will favor what increases the bottom line.

In the case of a corporate job, the organizational mission will guide the objectives that are set.  In a company with good management approaches, the boss is likely to take an interest in staff motivation as well.  Good leaders take the time to listen to their team members.


Targets should be specific.  How could anyone work on vague guidelines, not knowing when to submit a project or assignment?  When an activity is ambiguous, your task will be unclear.

For the smooth running of plans, being sure of what you should do, how to carry them out, and by when to finish are all crucial.  Otherwise, you risk burnout and not accomplishing what you have to in the end.

I blog and also work with a company from home.  Therefore, I can set my own agenda as I wish.  Self-care is also an important part of the day.


Being self-motivated is key.  When you’re inspired to realize something, you feel motivated to accomplish it.  When you feel down, you may lose enthusiasm.  Having discipline can support persevering.

Having tight schedules can be hectic.  It can cause stress.  Tension can rob you of your vitality and make you lose motivation for a task or project.

Aiming for things that are interesting help.  Who wants to have forced responsibilities with due dates?  However, sometimes you may have to accept taking on an assignment.  Being disciplined and self-motivated supports you for the longer term. 

These are some reasons to embrace finishing things when required.  Use it to your advantage.  Make the most of limits for the better success of your projects.


To sum up, deadlines are important.  They can help boost better work performance in many circumstances.  Would you like to comment to tell me about your experience?  If you know someone who needs to read my article, please share it.  Thanks and cheers!!

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25 thoughts on “Why are deadlines important for better work performance?

  1. I agree with you that time-bounded goals can help us stay on track. It gives us the required motivation to attain or complete it.

    We just have to make sure to keep it reasonable.

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  2. It’s so important when you work for yourself to set and adhere to deadlines. It’s too easy to get distracted by social media.

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  3. Deadlines are critical. As simple as that. What’s the use of “making” the perfect product/service if you deliver 2 weeks late?
    Now, time is a tricky thing. Culture related. Some cultures use linear-time, (North and West, basically) others use circular-time. East and South basically. If you don’t know your client’s time-style you might be in trouble. See Edward T.Hall for more detail.

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  4. Deadlines are important for so many reasons. Without it, I feel like a chicken without a head just running around or sometimes just feeling aimless because motivation is not there. Having a deadline keeps that task in mind and the feeling of accomplishment is always very rewarding.

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