Are you considering digital jobs with soft skills as a solopreneur?  These skills are crucial, no matter which role and industry you’re working in.  It applies to people running their business all by themselves as well.  Read on to see how.

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Firstly, I’d like to point out that the job examples that I’ll list don’t typically involve employment as such.  As a solopreneur, you’re self-employed working with (not for) others.  I’ll also highlight key soft skills that are primordial for each one.

1. Blogger

I chose to start with this one, as I blog.  Working in my home office, all by myself, I do need to be good at communication too.  Expressing myself is key.

Written communication should be clear and easy to understand.  Who wants to read too many words with no meaning?  Readers should see what’s in it for them.

Apart from writing, bloggers may have to speak on camera, show up at events, and work with a virtual team.  There’s so much scope for emotional intelligence.  It enhances your life for the better.

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2. Vlogger

Similar to a blogger, a vlogger typically works from home.  Speaking on camera and making videos are great.  You can use them to find leads for your products. 

Videos include visual and auditory means to convey messages.  You can also add text.  Through all 3 modes, people tend to learn, assimilate, and remember better.

YouTubers, TikTokers, and Instagrammers with large followings can work with brands as influencers.  They have a powerful influence on their fans and can genuinely recommend products.  Even accounts with smaller followings can get sponsorships when they have interesting engagement rates.

3. Video Editor

In addition to Vloggers and Influencers, many companies use videos to convey messages.  Freelance Video Editors help clients by polishing camera footage, audio, graphics, and special effects.  Many apps offer such features, both free and paid versions.  However, professional editing takes time and advanced skills.   

Communicating properly via emails, phone, and Zoom calls are all vital.  Creativity is also key.  How you edit impacts the final result.

Image and Video Processing

From Mars to Hollywood with a Stop at the Hospital

(Offered by Duke University via Coursera)

4. Software Engineer

As a Freelancer, you can provide support to companies for the design, development, testing, and maintenance of software applications.  While the emphasis is often on technical skills, having good interpersonal know-how is vital to interacting with clients.  It can make build or break business relationships.

Being in your home office can often get lonely.  While introverts may prefer virtual remote tasks, other personality types see benefits as well.  The lockdown and post-pandemic periods have given many around the globe a taste of this type of operation.

Coming back to freelancing, professionals should also build contacts.  Get to know others through networking.  Don’t choose to live in a silo.

5. App developer

Freelance App Developers create apps for smartphones and tablets.  With the amount of time spent on mobile phones, you cannot underestimate the importance of apps.  For brands, it’s necessary to offer these to their clients and leads.  Being effective at problem-solving is a must.

Everything that you can think of has an app for that purpose.  It’s a natural habit to use them.  I’m currently making the most of one for better productivity, and loving it!

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6. Accountant

As a Freelance Accountant, you can work with businesses that outsource tasks for their financial records.  Having full-time employees can be expensive, so, many choose to find support from independent specialists.  Responsibilities can range from simple bookkeeping to more advanced skills that affect financial decision-making and taxation.

Hard skills are enhanced through practice, repetition, and education.  Those in the finance field, often tend to spend time quietly, in solitude.  They may not be the most extroverted types.  However, even through remote working, it’s crucial to stay informed and communicate. 

7. Virtual Assistant

Neglect of self-care can cause burnout for anyone.  Having a VA helps to save time.  Customers focus on their true priorities, while someone else takes care of the less-important tasks.  

Setting up a VA service business is useful.  It also tends to be more affordable than hiring a full-time employee and renting office space.  If you choose to start providing such services, do ensure to build good contacts.

Anyone who works from home benefits from the comfort of not having to commute daily.  A self-employed tends to have more benefits, such as enjoying the flexibility to set their agenda.  Either way, having a high level of work ethic is a must.

8. Graphic Designer 

A Graphic Designer provides services such as logo creation and more.  It’s all about art and creativity.  Having an in-house specialist may not be feasible for every enterprise.  Outsourcing is often the solution.  

I had once started an online shop.  I used automated apps to save time on many tasks.  I had also outsourced services such as graphic designing and delivery.  Those were best done by specialists, while I focused on other aspects.

9. Marketers

An Inbound Marketer creates content to attract the right leads.  Content also helps to move interested leads further along the funnel to generate sales.  Using websites, videos, social media, and podcasts are popular channels.  Knowing what resonates with buyer personas is key, the pain points, and how to solve these.

Similar to inbound marketing, Social Media Managers have to understand customer behavior.  This is crucial for better decision-making.  Using insight tools assists in a data-driven approach.

10. Coach

A Coach is often an individual and self-employed.  They could be from a wide range of fields and activities.  Some examples are yoga, mindfulness, life, public speaking coaches, and more.  

Working with clients through Zoom calls is convenient and saves both time and money.  Emotional intelligence supports understanding and providing a good service.  Know what’s best for your clients and make them see positive results in life.


Being a solopreneur is interesting.  If you know someone who needs to read my article, please share it for them to see.  Have you experienced these digital jobs with soft skills yet?

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