Do you ask yourself which social media platforms you should join as a blogger? In addition to your blog, you may be present on the popular ones. If not yet, then maybe you’re considering joining. Read on for more.

In this article, I’ll share some pros and cons of being on multiple, if not all existing platforms. I’ll share my experience and opinion as well. 

Popular social media platforms are Instagram, YouTube, Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Pinterest, Snapchat, and LinkedIn. There are, of course, others that people use. Should you be on all of them?  

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Pros and cons

Being present everywhere could be overwhelming. You could face burnout. On the other hand, big brands can have the resources to be present on multiple or even all existing platforms. Read more about avoiding solopreneur burnout in my other article.

When I started blogging five years ago (at the time of writing), I focused on it as a priority. I chose to use social media but wanted to build my blog primarily. It can be easier to learn the skills one at a time.  You also have to test and see what works best for you.

In an ideal scenario, you might want to be present everywhere. However, consider your time and the quality you aim for. If you’re still new, you might even have to learn how the platforms work.

I focus mainly on my blog. My other channels help drive traffic to my articles. Vlogging is also important, as many people consume video content. However, it might not lead to lots of site visitors, but you can gain in other ways.  Read to see how both activities bring side hustle benefits.

If you want to be everywhere at the same time, it could be confusing. If so, starting in one place, and growing it before moving to another could help. If you’re a solopreneur, like me, prefer not to overwork, and avoid burnout.  When you join a new channel, you still need to work on the ones you already have.

More ideas and tips

Know your audience

Know where your ideal clients hang out. Linkedin is for professional networking, while Tik Tok is for a younger audience. Instagram reels are great, but they tend to be short. YouTube has longer videos, so you can give more details.  

As a solopreneur, take the time to research the best platforms for your niche. Find out about the right demographics. You want to invest your time, energy, and money thoughtfully.

Have a content calendar

Plan your content following your strategy. For example, if you plan to launch an ebook or course, keep that in mind. A content calendar helps in planning what to post and when. 

Read my other post to see how a time calendar can support you better than a simple to-do list.  Have a clear schedule.  The daily actions that you take, support moving closer to your longer-term goals.

Ensure a consistent posting schedule. Be realistic about the frequency you can publish online, and stick to it. Your interested audience will wait to see more, at the time you normally show up.

Automate to work smarter

Use apps to schedule your posts. Free yourself from the small actions that take up your time. There are various tools that your can use.

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Use branding features.  Get access to premium content.  Easily remove background, and more.

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Network with others

Find other relevant accounts and engage with their posts. You may sometimes think, why aren’t others interacting with your content? Showing support to others often makes them notice your account as well. Genuine likes, comments, and shares are appreciated.

Focus on your ideal client when you create content. Ensure that it’s relevant to your niche. You want to attract the right followers and solve their specific problems.  

You can never control what the algorithms decide to show. However, take the time to engage with others. Building an email list is important.

Return on investment

If you already have a product that you created, see your stats. How well is your content performing to convert into sales? In case you run ads, use the insights to see what works.  

I grow my accounts organically and gradually. My blog started as a hobby and turned into a side hustle. I enjoy taking the time for organic growth. 

If you decide to boost your posts, measure your ROI. Monitor and analyze your insights. Some people find that once you start using ads, platforms might automatically reduce your organic reach. On the other hand, others give credit to ads for the results they get.

Many social media channels exist. Some are more popular than others. Should your blog be present everywhere? I’d say no, not necessarily for a new solopreneur blogger.

Choose your platforms carefully. Don’t spread yourself too thin. It could be counter-productive and cause work burnout.

Know where your ideal audience hangs out. Consider their demographics, pain points, and needs. It’s often better to focus on one or two platforms only, before adding more.

My blog remains my primary focus, as I use Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, and Instagram to support it. I find that videos are also important.


Think about your goals. How can social media support them? Focus on the specific platforms that you want to master first. It’s generally hard to be everywhere from the start without burnout.
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