How to be assertive in life

Do you sometimes find yourself struggling to tell people what's right? Do you feel that asserting yourself would be rude, selfish and eventually harm your relationships? Read for more... Assertive - 'Having or showing a confident and forceful personality.' - Lexico's Dictionary In this blog post, I'll share with you 12 tips on being self-assured … Continue reading How to be assertive in life

How to say no to people when needed

Are there times when you know that you want to say 'no' to someone, to disagree with a statement or to reject what you're being asked to do? At the same time, do you feel obliged to suppress the urge to speak out your mind? If this sounds familiar, then read my blog post... As … Continue reading How to say no to people when needed

10 reasons to speak mindfully for the better

Have you ever said things that you later on regret? Did it have undesirable implications for you? Being mindful of what you say, how you behave and react is important and can save you from many regrets in the future. On my blog, you'll find tips that help you in many aspects of your life. … Continue reading 10 reasons to speak mindfully for the better

10 anger management tips

Everyone feels angry at times! That's natural,... then why should you manage your anger? What are the potential consequences of uncontrolled temper, leading to actions and harsh spoken words, that could bring regret and cause damage to your personal and professional relationships? In the Oxford Dictionaries, anger is defined as 'Feeling or showing strong annoyance, … Continue reading 10 anger management tips