How to understand your hair type for better care, Tips from Sharvi.

How to understand your hair type for better care

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Self-care is primordial and while you groom yourself for personal and professional reasons, daily hair care is an inevitable task! In order to look after your hair, you must first understand your hair type. Read this blog post for a quick reminder of the essentials of proper hair care and some easy tips.

7 body confidence tips, Tips from Sharvi.

7 body confidence tips

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Haven’t you gone through times when there was a competition about good looks, who’s the coolest or who’s the most popular at high school? While this is often part of teenage and university years, such things do happen even later on in life, right? As far as physique is concerned, the pressure can be felt at any age and by everyone, even though it does tend to decrease, later on in life! How do you deal with it?

Feel great about your body! Tips from Sharvi.

Feel great about your body!

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Looking around we always find slim and trim models… be it on social media, in movies, magazines, fashion shows… everywhere! The obsession for a flat stomach and shapely body is a trend that has lasted since centuries and continues to do so. How do you strike the right balance between being reasonably conscious about your looks, yet, not fall for undue peer pressure?

Photo by Pexels. Easy nail care tips.

Easy nail care tips

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Nail care is a must for everyone!  Ladies, gents, babies, kids, teenagers, adults… we all need to take care of our nails, to be hygienic, well-groomed and professional.  We even give manicures to our canine friends, don’t we?  Whether you’re a fan of nail salons / bars, or not, basic nail care at home, is inevitable!


Skincare for everyone

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Skincare is truly important for each and everyone!  Our skin is the largest organ of the human body, acting like an envelope while protecting against infections, regulating body temperature through goose-flesh and sweating, containing sensory receptors against pain, heat / cold, and more.  However, it’s also exposed to the harshness of the sun, wind, dust, pollution, and more.  Caring for our skin is important at every age.  While we are young, we naturally benefit from smooth and supple skin texture.  As we age, our skin gradually looses moisture and elasticity, resulting in formation of lines and loss in firmness.