What does true happiness mean?

Happiness is important in life.  It’s crucial and vital.  Most people would do anything for it...  Yet, what’s true happiness? As a blogger sharing tips to make your daily life easier (my tagline), I’ll dedicate this blog post to pure joy! Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information and motivational purposes. I … Continue reading What does true happiness mean?

How to enjoy without spending a fortune

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering how to organize parties while you're on a budget? Do you feel that without spending a fortune, your celebrations will fail? Think carefully... you can, in fact, make the most of enjoyment by going for certain types of events! I'll share with you 12 ideas that help when you're … Continue reading How to enjoy without spending a fortune

How to spend quality time on Valentine’s Day!

Valentine's Day should be celebrated on every single day! The 14 of February isn't the only day of the year to show that you care and to spoil your loved ones! Couples celebrate this special day and so do family and friends. While you care for those close to you all year round, Valentine's Day … Continue reading How to spend quality time on Valentine’s Day!


Last updated: 04 May 2019 Networking is defined as 'interact with others to exchange information and develop professional or social contacts', by Oxford Dictionaries. No matter in which profession you are in, whether you work at all or not, if you're into your own business, are a blogger working from home, a student, job seeker, … Continue reading Networking…