How to enjoy and benefit from your commuting time

Is commuting a much-despised chore for you? How long does it take to travel from home to work? Is it time wasted, feeling bored and annoyed or do you benefit from it? Read my blog post see how you can make judicious use of your precious time... Commute: 'Travel some distance between one's home and … Continue reading How to enjoy and benefit from your commuting time

15 tips for a successful professional life

Your professional achievement is likely to be a top priority for you! You went to school as a child and probably moved on for higher education as well. You either started/will start a job or work as your own boss. Personal development is an ongoing process... I'm a blogger who shares tips to make your … Continue reading 15 tips for a successful professional life

Sunshine Blogger Award (3)

I'm esteemed to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award, for the third time this year! This award's a great way for bloggers to give recognition to fellow bloggers, for being inspiring and creative with their posts. Do check out the blog website Positive Side Of The Coin, by Anjali, who has nominated me. This … Continue reading Sunshine Blogger Award (3)

My weekday escapade!

I had a lovely drive to the seaside, a few days back, and believe that I should do things, that are out of the ordinary, again, and from time to time!  Living in Mauritius, I find that I don't make enough justice to the beauty of the island, as I simply don't visit our mesmerizing … Continue reading My weekday escapade!