How to enjoy without spending a fortune

Do you sometimes find yourself wondering how to organize parties while you're on a budget? Do you feel that without spending a fortune, your celebrations will fail? Think carefully... you can, in fact, make the most of enjoyment by going for certain types of events! I'll share with you 12 ideas that help when you're … Continue reading How to enjoy without spending a fortune

10 tips for proper sleep

Sleeping is such an important habit in life, yet, don't we take it for granted at times? Staying up late for indulgence, watching television, chatting on mobile phones, finishing work late at night. Although at first, you might not question the quality of your sleep, your mind and body get exhausted and then you see … Continue reading 10 tips for proper sleep

Are you a tea lover?

If you're a tea lover, like I am, do read on... If you're not exactly tea-crazy, but do drink tea from time to time, then do read on too!... defines tea as 'a hot drink made by infusing the dried crushed leaves of the tea plant in boiling water'.  As on, 'tea plants are native … Continue reading Are you a tea lover?