10 tips for proper sleep, Tips from Sharvi.

10 tips for proper sleep

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Sleeping is such an important habit in life, yet, don’t we take it for granted at times? Staying up late for indulgence, watching television, chatting on mobile phones, finishing work late at night. Although at first, you might not question the quality of your sleep, your mind and body get exhausted and then you see the adverse effects…

Eluding screen addiction (2)!

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I’m back as promised, with the second of this 3 parts series.  If you missed the first one, you may wish to click here, where I evoked my experience of hiking, and how eluding screen addiction for a while, gave me so much benefit, that I’m now taking a digital detox, on a regular basis!

Eluding screen addiction (1)!

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Mountain hiking, eluding screen addiction!

Photo by @Sharvina.y (my own) on Instagram

Let’s start with the photo in this blog, which  I took a few weeks ago, while hiking somewhere at the Black River District, in Mauritius.  It was a warm day, wearing comfortable cotton clothes, my favourite trekking shoes, a straw hat, a bottle of water in my bag,  with my camera in my hands.  Did I miss out something?  Guess… my phone?  Yes and no!  I didn’t have my phone in my bag (what??), but rather left it at home on purpose!!!