How to work from home joyfully

Do you work from home?  If you're self-employed or if you telecommute, then you may already have an existing home office.  If not, then perhaps doing so could be a temporary arrangement (such as in the case of social distancing), or else you may choose to be your own boss later on.  Read my blog … Continue reading How to work from home joyfully

11 ways setting boundaries will bless you!

Do you sometimes find yourself burnt out, stressed and exhausted due to a lack of boundaries in your life? What are the consequences on your overall wellness and productivity? Read my blog post to see how setting healthy boundaries will help you. Firstly, saying 'no' to people when you have to, isn't selfish. You do … Continue reading 11 ways setting boundaries will bless you!

Liebster Award

I'm thrilled to be ending the year with yet another award from the blogger community! After having received 4 other awards earlier this year, I now accept my first Liebster Award from Mel, whom I thank deeply and joyfully! Please do take a minute to visit the lovely blog, Decor Craft Design. Having had corporate … Continue reading Liebster Award

10 tips for proper sleep

Sleeping is such an important habit in life, yet, don't we take it for granted at times? Staying up late for indulgence, watching television, chatting on mobile phones, finishing work late at night. Although at first, you might not question the quality of your sleep, your mind and body get exhausted and then you see … Continue reading 10 tips for proper sleep

8 advantages of working from home

Working from home is existent in various industries and countries around the world. People choose to work from home for diverse reasons. Certain companies have been encouraging this practice, where the need for a better work-life balance is recognized, employees are trusted to be disciplined, responsible and are accountable. Previously, I worked for companies, going … Continue reading 8 advantages of working from home