22 activities that support your happiness

Aren't you keen on always smiling and being cheerful? You deserve a happy life,.. yet sometimes things don't go your way. While you can't control your life to 100 %, you can, however, work on making things more pleasurable for yourself. Spend time on these activities... I'm a blogger sharing tips on life, self-improvement, and … Continue reading 22 activities that support your happiness

10 reasons meditating daily will bless you

Last updated: 27 October 2019. While hectic lifestyles are very common, a meditation, on the other hand, is a great way to calm down and feel better on a daily basis! I'm sure you've heard plenty of times, about the benefits of meditation and why you should practice it. But are you really taking advantage … Continue reading 10 reasons meditating daily will bless you

10 anger management tips

Everyone feels angry at times! That's natural,... then why should you manage your anger? What are the potential consequences of uncontrolled temper, leading to actions and harsh spoken words, that could bring regret and cause damage to your personal and professional relationships? In the Oxford Dictionaries, anger is defined as 'Feeling or showing strong annoyance, … Continue reading 10 anger management tips