Disclosure: This product review is sponsored. However, all views are genuine and my own. I’ve also been given free access to this software on a trial basis.  Secondly, this post doesn’t contain affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link (within the text of this post) and make a purchase, I will NOT earn a commission from it.

As I’m always sharing ‘tips to make your daily life easier’ on my blog, I’ll tell you about the PDFelement Pro software.  


Compatible with Windows and Mac operating systems, this PDF editor software can be useful to anyone.  However, if you’re a student/teacher/or business person, do pay special attention… 

Key features

  • Edit PDFs like a Word document.
  • Add annotation and notes to documents.
  • Convert your PDFs to and from other file formats.
  • Use diverse interactive form controls to create PDF fillable forms.
  • Create scanned and image-based PDFs with Optical Character Recognition (OCR).
  • More features.
PDFelement Pro review, Tips from Sharvi.
The PDFelement Pro logo. PDFelement Pro review, Tips from Sharvi.


The editing feature seems to be the most essential and vital of all (at least to me!).  Everyone’s likely to need it. Students, teachers, business persons will find it hassle-free to just open a document and edit it the way they desire, both quickly and easily.


Do you take notes?  The annotator feature helps you to jot down your thoughts and ideas on digital documents without having to print and store paper.  This could save you from incurring additional expenses, time, and contributes to saving the environment! It’s also convenient for teams who are working on the same project. You can add comments, sticky notes, customized drawing tools, text boxes, stamps, and more.


This PDF modifier supports you when you have to easily convert files to and from other formats such as Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and more while keeping the same layouts, formatting, and tables.  


Make use of the diverse interactive form controls that assist you in creating PDF fillable forms.  Need to fill out tax, business or other types of forms conveniently? Use this PDF editor pro software.

Optical Character Recognition

With OCR, you can create scanned and image-based PDFs.  Editing, searching, extracting and copying is made easy, as this feature automatically identifies and recognizes scanned content.

More features

Additionally, this PDF editor provides various other features.  The ‘complete PDF editing toolset’ includes the use of text, images, pages, links, drawing, highlighting, commenting, stamping, filling forms, creating forms, merging files, extracting pages, signing, passwords, permission, and redaction.

PDFelement Pro review, Tips from Sharvi.
Graphics courtesy of PDFelement Pro. PDFelement Pro review, Tips from Sharvi.

Special offer for a limited time!

At the time I’m writing this blog post, I can see that there’s a special offer of 50% off!  The price, which is normally at USD 159 has been halved to USD 79.50. Click here for the 50% special offer!

As part of a product review, It’s natural that I tell you what I find as the pros and cons…


  • A wide range of features.
  • Affordable price.
  • While using the software I found that it’s a convenient, easy PDF editor, with a clutter-free layout.  
  • On the official website, the company promises you a 100% clean software, up to 30-day money-back guarantee, and a rapid service.


  • While on a free trial, you won’t benefit from technical support, will have a watermark on your output documents, have a conversion limit of maximum 5 pages for each PDF document, and a page limit for batch data extraction of up to 2 files only.
  • While the variety of features is extensive, you may find that you don’t need all of them.


The PDFelement Pro is a comprehensive package of helpful tools at a good price. It serves a variety of users… from students to teachers, business persons, and would be handy to mostly anyone.  Would you like to visit the official website to find out more?  Please do so. Don’t forget that if you purchase the software, you can leave an honest review and earn a reward!  Thank you!!

Image courtesy: graphics were provided to me by the company for this product review.

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PDFelement Pro review, Tips from Sharvi.
Graphics courtesy of PDFelement Pro. PDFelement Pro review, Tips from Sharvi.

18 thoughts on “PDFelement Pro review

  1. I needed this when I was still working my corporate job but management would not cover the cost. I will have to ask my son if he would be interested in this. This looks like an awesome tool that he can make good use of in his job.

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  2. Used the free version twice for a grad school project and subscribed to Adobe for PDF editing & compilation immediately. The free version prompts you to pay to remove the watermark when you combine documents and I decided I’d get more bang for my buck paying for Adobe PDF. Still, this pro version is good if you want a more affordable brand.

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