I’m thrilled to be ending the year with yet another award from the blogger community! After having received 4 other awards earlier this year, I now accept my first Liebster Award from Mel, whom I thank deeply and joyfully! Please do take a minute to visit the lovely blog, Decor Craft Design.

Having had corporate working experience, while studying in the field of Business Administration, I chose to work from home, being my own boss. I run different businesses in a flexible way, and since I enjoy writing, I started blogging in January this year (2018).

if you’re nominated for this award and if you decide to accept it, then you should answer 5-11 questions from your nominator and also ask unique and creative questions to your nominees. To find out more the award rules, please visit The Global Aussie.

My reply to Mel’s questions are:

What would you be like or do if…

  1. You were the opposite sex of yours? I’d first of all advocate for and work actively towards gender equality, for a much better world!
  2. You were a superhero? I’m already Catwoman (at least in my own opinion). Ha ha!
  3. You were a dog? I’d be ‘Silver’, my former loving pet (RIP).
  4. You were an artist? I’d choose to be a pop singer or dancer, based on my hobbies.
  5. You could fly? I’d fly around the whole world on my own!
  6. You were a scientist? I’d like to find ways to eradicate HIV/AIDS, cancer, and other such diseases.
  7. You were a tycoon? I’d enjoy myself for sure while helping the needy as well.
  8. You were a celebrity? I’d still make sure to lead a healthy lifestyle.
  9. You were an alien? I’d befriend the human race.
  10. You could travel time? I’d go back to my childhood and do things that I wish I had done before.
  11. You were a Santa Claus? I’d gift myself lots (of course) and then everyone else in the world!

The questions to my nominees are:

1. What triggers you to start a blog post, when you’re out of ideas?

2. On which side of the bed do you get up each morning?

3. Are you really your ‘true self’?

4. Why can’t you keep your eyes open when you sneeze?

5. What’s your idea of the perfect land?

6. Your best life lesson?

7. Your favourite place to lie down, after a hectic day?

8. What’s the meaning of life for you?

9. Who do you think is the funniest character in any movie so far?

10. What makes you smile when no one watches you?

11. Do you love shopping for gifts to other people?

My nominees are:

America On Coffee

Poetry By Archangel White Wolf

Lance Sheridan

Pirate Patty

Pmespeak’s Blog

I encourage all my nominees to accept their award and to nominate more bloggers, as per the official rules of the Liebster Award 2018. I wish you and your family a very special festive season and a great New Year 2019! Cheers!!

Image courtesy: The Global Aussie

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