Hi! I’m Sharvina.y (nickname Sharvi).

Welcome to my blog ‘Tips from Sharvi’. Wishing to share with you, some general practical tips, life hacks & ideas, helping to make your daily life easier! What types of ideas you ask? Well, a wide range, just about anything that has come up to me, & which I believe could be of use to others.

Things that I’ve learnt formally, encountered, experienced, tackled with wit or even… yes… found out by complete surprise!  These are tips that help you in many aspects of your life.  Just stay tuned for more to come!

My driving force in investing my time to write blog articles, while living my passion for writing, is to share with you & also receive in return, new tips & ideas on how to live our daily lives cleverly, for more fulfillment!

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Here’s to tackling life in a wiser way! Cheers!!!