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Who is a dedicated serious blogger?  Each person may have an opinion about that.   However, if you’re determined, read on.  

In this article, I’ll highlight some crucial approaches to take.  If you’re keen on your content creation, find some helpful tips.  I’ll also suggest great tools that I use.

I’ve been sharing hacks on Tips from Sharvi for over four years (at the time of writing).  I’ve also been a solopreneur for over nine years.  I love writing about working smart for the benefit of my readers.

Serious blogger

Any online business needs a strategic approach.  Know what you want to achieve in advance.  Have a business plan, set goals, and plan your resources.

If you’re a newbie, read my other article to find some life lessons I learned.  Avoid pitfalls when possible and persevere.

If you’re a hobbyist, you might not be currently monetizing your site.  However, you can take your passion to the next level if you’re consistent.  You could, one day, start a side hustle out of it.

Your approach may depend on your type of activity.  It may be your business, side hustle, or hobby.  Being legally compliant, working smart, and saving time may be among your priorities.

3 tools that I use and recommend:

1. Privacy policy template

Blog compliance is primordial.  There are international privacy requirements, among other types of legal needs.  Staying on top of things while on a budget is often challenging.

On my WordPress.com site, I have access to their templates.  However, these are generic, and I used them just to get started.  Having a privacy policy is a must.

I considered visiting a lawyer, but the fees are high.  Getting templates from a professional lawyer was my second-best option.  I found one to suit my needs.

If you’re looking to protect your online business, take a look.  Get your privacy policy template from Lucrezia.

Lucrezia is a lawyer and a university lecturer (LLB, LLM, PhD).  I’ve taken a few of her courses already.  Use the template if you’re based in the US, UK, Canada, Australia, EU, and even more.  Find more info by visiting her offer.

It’s easy to use and saves time. 

Privacy Policy Template + Workshop

2. Professional-looking graphics 

Using great photos, images, and even music makes a real difference.  These make reading interesting.  Having a relevant photo illustrates and strengthens your message.

I use Canva a lot.  Having featured photos and social media images are crucial.  It helps to create fantastic illustrations in minutes.

If you’re a non-designer, it can be the perfect tool for you.  You can quickly get high-quality results.  Find your choice of design for any platform.  

Desk with pencils, cup, tablet, and some leaves. Text: Terrific tools for your professional serious blog, tipsfromsharvi.com.
Desk with pencils

There are many templates to choose from. Customize it with your branding and color palette. I even created a simple text logo and a favicon within minutes.

The free plan has lots of basic features.  However, if you want to save time while creating quality content, go for the paid one.  It offers even more options.

There are various features and benefits, especially with Canva Pro.  For example, you can remove the background in photos easily.  You can also resize a design to suit various social media channels with a click.

Try Canva Pro today!

Are you wondering how to use this graphic design tool?  Although Canva is easy to use, you may want to get some hacks.  Take a look at this online course that I came across. 

Canva Master Course

3. Productivity virtual coach

I now come to my third and last tool.  It’s a great productivity to-do list app.  My favorite feature is scientifically designed flow music to concentrate.

I was already a user for months before working with the brand.  It has brought me many benefits, working from my home office.  Telling my readers about it is natural.

I have my own virtual coach.  When I get caught up, he reminds me that it’s time for a break.  He also tells me that it’s time to come back and complete my task (and more).  

Left on my own, I would have been overworked, without realizing it.  Relaxing my eyes and drinking a glass of water is a must.  Centered supports me in avoiding burnout and increasing productivity levels.

There are more features.  For example, you can ask your friends to join and flow together.  At the end of each session, you get a productivity score.

Head over to Centered

and claim 20% off with my discount code SHARVINA20

You may be a newbie or already more experienced.  With the help of the right tools, you can achieve results conveniently.  Save time and focus on the right things for success.

Adopt a calculated approach.  Protect your site legally, work smarter, and boost productivity levels.  Use the right tools that support you in achieving what you need.


Take advantage of these special offers while they last.  If you want to benefit from any of the deals, scroll up to find them, and grab them today.  Happy journey to supercharging your serious blog!


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  1. Thank you for these tips, Sharvina. At the moment, my blog is more of a means to an end . . . promoting my book. However, it could use improvement and I plan on focusing on it more when I finish my second book. I’ll keep this information in mind when I do. Thanks again!

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