Decluttering your house/yard/office or other places may sound like additional work. However, once done, will bring you multiple benefits, and possibly even a domino effect of other related blessings!

The Oxford Dictionaries defines the word ‘declutter’ as ‘Remove unnecessary items from (an untidy or overcrowded place)’.

I love a neatly-kept home, with simple modern furniture and decorations. Whatever be your taste in home decor, keeping things in order and removing excess items will definitely bring you various advantages. First of all, make an audit to find out what places need to be decluttered. This may also apply to your digital devices (for enhanced storage space, time-saving reasons and more)!

Now, let’s explore 5 benefits of decluttering:

1. Emotional

Decluttering brings you emotional and psychological benefits. The fact that your house is in order, your mind tends to be the same! With a better state of mind, you’re likely to feel emotionally well-off, mentally in control and organized.

2. Financial

While you declutter, you not only throw away useless, worn out and redundant things, but you also get to choose which objects you can give away for free (to help those who are in need by donating), and which ones you can sell. There are people who look out for used items at affordable prices. So go for it and put on sale some useful, second-hand items!

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3. Wiser shopping

At the same time of adopting a decluttering habit, develop the habit of not buying things that aren’t required or just for short-lived fads. This, in turn, will further bring financial benefits!

For example, you own 30 dresses (or shirts, for my male readers), that are of average quality and you tend to wear only some of them frequently. In addition to that, all 30 of them together, take up more space in your closet, which in turn gets crammed, looking a total mess!

Choose to declutter, keeping only your favourite clothes and in the future, buy more carefully! Instead of having 30 dresses of average quality, keep only around 15 of your favourite ones.

Choose models that can be worn for the longer-term, instead of trends that pass away in a few months only. If you invest in fewer clothes of better quality (or branded ones), these are likely to be more durable and therefore economical in the long-run!

4. Better productivity

Orderly views are soothing and you’re likely to enjoy working in such an environment! Personally, seeing a neat table in my office gives me peace of mind! I feel relaxed and can focus better on my more important activities. This helps me to concentrate on my truly important tasks, and my to-do list is optimized for productivity!

5. Easier chores

Having an orderly house where ‘a place for everything and everything in its place’ (as per a popular French saying), is a great habit to take. Both adults and children should benefit from practicing this. Cleaning the house is made easier and quicker this way!

Tips from Sharvi

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To sum up, decluttering keeps your house (and other places) in order while bringing multiple other benefits! Have you decluttered yet? If so, would you like to share your tips? Please do so. Thank you!

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