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My childhood photo (Sharvina.y), taken by a family member. Courtesy of

I’m back with the third and final post of the ‘eluding screen addiction’ series!  My childhood photo in this post, was taken by a close family member (can’t remember exactly who took the photo, but I thank him / her tremendously), at a time when my priority was to always play with my toys!

In my first post, I evoked my experience of hiking, and how ‘eluding screen addiction’ for a while gave me so much benefit, that I decided to take such breaks regularly!  While in my second post, I shared with you how I’ve been managing my daily screen viewing habits, by taking specific actions, inviting you to share your experiences.  In part three, I will now explain about some general possible consequences that could take place, if we neglect striking a reasonable and healthy balance in our daily life (technology being so helpful, useful and even essential, with no doubt).

I’ve noted some very interesting comments in my previous posts, and thank my Readers for their contribution!  One primary concern of parents is educating their children about proper usage of their phones.  While the future lies in favour of those who are tech-savvy, parents also want to make sure that their children are ‘safe’ while surfing on the net, devote much time to their studies, play with their friends, read good books, have proper physical exercise, enjoy their vacations in the true sense, and more.

Road safety is too often compromised by using our phones while on the wheel, having fatal consequences!  Many pedestrians cross the roads carelessly, with their eyes glued to their phones, engrossed in loud music!  Blue screen light maybe damaging to the eyes, and using mobile phones while in the kitchen, have often resulted in fire, injury, and even death!  Talking on your phone while charging, may also result in burns.

Relationships often seem to be secondary, and while we have thousands of ‘virtual connections’, we tend to forget those right next to us, and miss out on quality time.  We may not realize that one day, those close to us, will be gone forever…

The possible consequences of screen addiction are endless, and so are the benefits of technology and using our mobile phones!  I believe that finding each our own ways, for a reasonable and healthy balance, could be the right solution.  Would you like to add something?  Please do so!





5 thoughts on “Eluding screen addiction (3)!

  1. Screens are the worst (I say as I’m typing on one). They are tough to give up though. I always find myself saying I’m going to give up my smartphone but then I find an excuse to keep it.

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