I’m back as promised, with the second of this 3 parts series.  If you missed the first one, you may wish to click here, where I evoked my experience of hiking, and how eluding screen addiction for a while, gave me so much benefit, that I’m now taking a digital detox, on a regular basis!

In this post, I’ll share some tips that are helping me to concentrate on work being done / enjoy quality time, without undue distractions (although technology is very useful, helpful and essential, we should make healthy use of it).  The list below, is not comprehensive, so please do share your ideas, after reading this post.
Actions that are helping me to take control of my screen viewing habits are as follows:

1. I’ve disabled most notifications, so that I can concentrate on my priorities during the day, enabling only very important emails, using the priority folder for incoming emails.

2. Social media notifications are set to a minimum, having disabled them for most of the groups and pages that I follow.  I check my feeds normally only once a day, to stay in touch with friends.

3. I set specific times for daily checking of general emails, usually limited to twice a day (this may differ from person to person / type of profession).

4. I disable Wi-Fi connection before going to bed, and prefer keeping it so, until I’ve finished my breakfast the next morning, whenever possible.

5. As for my daily to-do list, I use my phone planner, and set alarms for only selected high-priority / urgent tasks.

6. When I practice yoga, my phone is on silent mode, and out of my sight.  This helps me to unwind!

7. Working on my laptop is quite similar to working on my phone, with minimum notifications, and with specific times for general email checking.

8. When in conversation with a business client, acquaintance, friend or family, I try as much as possible to give my undivided attention, living in the moment!

While our daily routine changes from time to time, I believe that adaptive changes will be inevitable to habits taken.  Have I missed out on something?  Would you like to share your experience?  Please do so!

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