Looking around we always find slim and trim models… be it on social media, in movies, magazines, fashion shows… everywhere! The obsession for a flat stomach and shapely body is a trend that has lasted since centuries and continues to do so. How do you strike the right balance between being reasonably conscious about your looks, yet, not fall for undue peer pressure?

Body image is defined as ‘The subjective picture or mental image of one’s own body’, by the Oxford Dictionaries.


While I do recognize the need to work towards my looks and health, I never give in to what others say, just for the sake of fitting in. In this post, I’ll share with you 8 tips that I find effective:

1. Dressing up

Dress up right for your body type. Based on your natural body shape, you can effectively hide the less flattering areas and make the most of the better-looking ones.

Choose the right type of clothes, based on your body shape. For example, ladies with broad thighs and a protruding belly may prefer to wear a long top over a skirt, instead of a short top over a short, tight skirt. As for the gents, a black coat will give a trimmer effect compared to a light-coloured one. On the other hand for skinny legs, wear thick leggings.

2. Healthy diet

Take the habit of having a healthy and nutritious diet, on a daily basis. While you take food such as vegetables, fruits, cereals, have meat in moderation and avoid/minimize oily, sugary and fast foods.

3. Drink water

Water’s my favourite drink. There’s nothing more perfect to quench my thirst! Water helps to detox, so drink at least 2-3 litres daily.

4. Avoid indulgence

Who doesn’t like to party? While you do so, don’t make an abuse of food, alcohol, smoking and other such things. You’ll feel the effects later on your body and mind. We all love to have fun, but we also need to take care!

5. Exercise

Whatever be your weight, exercise is a means for fitness. You should choose activities that you enjoy and look forward to. High-intensity exercises like cardio are best for losing much weight.

6. Meditate

Meditation not only brings peace to the mind but helps holistically. When you feel great, so does life, doesn’t it? It has an effect on your wellness and well-being.

7. Socialize

Spending time with family, friends, or acquaintances is a part of life. Some people are supportive, while others try to put you down. If someone laughs at you, based on how you look, then he/she isn’t worth bothering about! Ignore unworthy comments, stay away from toxic people, it depends on your decision to do so!

8. Frame of mind

With a positive frame of mind, you can achieve many things (if not miraculously everything). Feeling good about yourself, accepting your ‘true self’ and working out regularly, will bring long-term results.

How do I remain fit?

I do physical activities that I enjoy and more…

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While we all have different body shapes and sizes, feeling comfortable and confident about your own body is possible,… you just have to acknowledge it! How do you ensure feeling great about yourself? Would you like to share your tips? Please do so (kindly abstain from naming brands for commercial purposes / only post a link if informative). Thank you!

Note: In case of need, do seek advice from a professional.

Photo courtesy:

Canva (featured photo & ‘Do you keep fit?’ image).

Third photo is mine, taken by a family member.


Definition of body image


18 thoughts on “Feel great about your body!

  1. This is really helpful. Thank you, Sharvi!
    One of the things I do in a Self-Forgiveness and Body group is bring loving compassion and acceptance to our bodies. Such a nice key to health and well-being.
    So glad you found my blog. ❤ Lovely to connect.

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Very good advices!
    But you know what? Models have modelling, that is their job, they have to keep fit for not losing the post.
    And take, I mean, for example me. I have to work from monday to saturday more than 8 hours a day, after that I have to come home and clean, cook and be a good wife; and if I still have time, take care of me.
    Blog for me is just a passion that I intend to take it to another level, but that through a lot of work and dedication.
    Things don’t just happen!… Its not that simple then it appears!
    Thank God that I am still young and look good, I am skinny and all of that, but sometimes it happens that I do not get the time to exercise, or do what I desire.
    In the end I just want to say that things aren’t so easy as they appear. Thanks for sharing!

    Liked by 2 people

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