Have you wondered how can spreadsheets be used in everyday life?  There are many ways not to miss out on.  Be it in personal or professional life, make the most of them.

As a self-improvement blogger, I use tables and stats often.  It helps me save time, increase productivity, and more.  If you’re keen on enjoying the benefits, read my article for more.

Personal life

There are many handy uses at the individual and household levels.  These are convenient, support saving time, and are practical.  First, I start with personal uses.  Later in my article, I’ll list professional ones (especially for solopreneurs).

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Household budgeting

There are many apps for it.  However, creating your list through Microsoft Excel, Google Sheet, or another, can also be beneficial.  You can quickly get access by creating a free Gmail personal account.

List your main categories of spending and the limits.  Break them down to understand better.  Monitor and stay on track.  

What I like about this method is that I consciously need to update it.  Checking my details mindfully aids focus.  I’m motivated to think critically about it.

Grocery shopping list

I have a standard template, listing all items that I normally buy.  I then personalize it, depending on what’s currently needed.  Using Word or Doc is also convenient.

A standard template helps me to quickly find what I need.  I check my available stock and never miss out on anything this way.  When I start using newer products I update my template and delete redundant items.

Gift idea list

If you live in a family with many aunts, uncles, and cousins, you need a list!  Planning what to get each one, based on their preferences can be challenging.  You also need to stick to your budget.

I sometimes end up buying high-end chocolates for everyone.  It’s something that my family enjoys.  It’s also easy for me to find.  Read this article, if you need ideas on choosing the perfect gift.

Vacation planning

Ready to organize your next trip?  Vacations are so welcomed!  However, these can also be a tricky mess.  Planning is essential.  

Think of the time when you traveled and had some unwanted experiences.  It’s something that happens.  However, be proactive and organize for the better.

Party organizing

Have a get-together with pals.  Allocate the responsibilities for each task, plan the budgeting, and list what you need.  The food, beverages, party accessories, music, and so on.  What about the invitation list?  Edit easily as and when changes happen.

Professional life

This part of my article focuses on the professional uses of tabulation.  It’s mostly for solopreneurs working from their home office.  Companies are likely to have more advanced and even industry-customized financial software packages. 

Solopreneur bookkeeping

As a solopreneur in marketing and also a blogger, I use tables a lot. These are handy for viewing facts easily. I also use them for bookkeeping.

It’s important to keep track of your income and expenses.  Declaring revenue for taxation reasons is necessary.  You may use software and even hire an accountant.  However, when just getting started, you may prefer to do the bookkeeping yourself.

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Graph trend

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What-if analysis

Want to predict, have a plan A and B, see contingencies, and more?  Enter values in cells and then change one number to see the result.  It’s great for considering different scenarios and better planning.

Let’s take 2 simple examples.  You can list your blog expenses in a table.  Then edit with a price increase to see the whole picture.  If you sell products, change the prices to see the impact on total revenue and net profit.

Time management hack

Use tables to plan and manage time as desired.  You can format cells as required by adding the date format.  Use colors to highlight any urgency.  Red tends to draw attention.

I love using Google Calendar.  However, when there are lots of detail to refer to, I link to a sheet.  I can then click on it to view the complete information.  

Database recording

Database packages can be expensive. However, if you’re on a tight budget, use tabulation apps for free. You can always get a paid package when possible. However, you may have to export figures later on.

Exporting data 

When it comes to Google Analytics (GA) insights, I make it a must to download and export my monthly blog stats.  The same goes for my WordPress stats and social media.  GA 4 data retention can be set to a maximum of 14 months (at the time of writing).  You may wish to read this support article for more info.   

Keep an eye on performance to quickly spot any urgencies.  If you delay these tasks, you risk not accessing valuable information on time.  It may result in delayed decision-making and missed opportunities.

Analyzing stats

Once you export the figures you can import it to the right place. You may wish to keep the stats as they are to maintain originality. If you need to work on and edit amounts, making another copy would be helpful. This way you still have the original form and can also work on a second copy.

Something that may be of interest is an increase in sales.  Find trends linked to it.  For example, when did it happen and why?  What tactics can you use in the future?  Take a data-driven approach.

Learn valuable skills 

Spreadsheets can be used in many ways.  Get creative, and find a means to take advantage of it.  From personal to professional tasks, it supports you all the way.

If you want to improve your skills, learn for the better.  Take online courses, progressing at your pace.  Choose the level you need, be it beginner or more advanced.

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Tabulation helps to conveniently tackle records and stats.  Use them in your personal and professional life.  Share my article if someone you know will benefit from it.  In what other ways can spreadsheets be used in everyday life?

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10 thoughts on “How can spreadsheets be used in everyday life?

  1. I love spreadsheets, I use them for everything – Character profile details, Christmas gift/card register, budgets, tracking credit card spends, my business accounts. It always surprises me when I meet people who never use them.

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  2. Some great ideas here! One of my goals for this year is to work on my organizational skills and I feel like some of these would be so helpful for me. Thank you so much for sharing!

    Liked by 1 person

  3. Sharvi, this is super true! I use spreadsheet in my monthly household budget, my daughter’s school expenses, loans and just about anything financial related. Great tips! Thanks for sharing.

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