The weekend is a great time to unwind after a hectic week.  Spend moments with close ones, enjoy, and why not spare an hour for self-improvement as well?  Read my blog post to find 10 personal growth activities for a successful weekend.

If you’re a regular reader of my blog, you may already know that I value self-improvement so much that I made it my blog niche.  Self-help benefits everyone as no one knows everything.  It’s also never too late to learn!

1. Read

Reading a book or ebook of your choice could be one of the best ways to learn more about a certain topic, and improve in the professional sphere of life.  While the weekend tends to be full of flexibility, choose activities for personal growth.  A few hours of reading does much good while keeping opportunities for other activities as well.

Another way to enjoy reading is for pleasure.  These days (while writing this blog post), I’m enjoying a fiction book that I had kept aside, as I had other priorities.  Going back to complete it is such an entertaining experience!  Feel the growth within yourself.

2. Online course

Online courses are so helpful, flexible, and relatively affordable.  There are so many to choose from.  Use your spare occasions to boost your knowledge, a new skill, or a hobby.  You may choose to learn how to hone a side hustle.

Blogging is an evident example for me.  My readers know that I often recommend online courses.  Self-improvement and self-care are two key categories.  I’ve partnered with some top providers through affiliate marketing.

You can find a list of the best online courses on my blog.  If you’re a blogger or solopreneur, you’ll benefit from some handy tool suggestions as well.  Find my recommended self-improvement resources.

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3. Podcast

Listening to podcasts can be very interesting and enriching.  If you manage to do 2 things at once, it can save time.  Alternatively, avoiding multitasking could be better for some people.

I get a bit stressed if I multitask while listening to an episode.  Instead of doing so while washing the dishes or doing another chore, I choose to sit down and tune in.  I found it to be more enjoyable and effective this way.  I also then retain more of the content.

4. YouTube videos

YouTube is a great online video-sharing and social media platform that needs no introduction.  It’s also a valuable place to find knowledge about any topic.  Although free, you can learn so much by searching for keywords and following your favorite channels.

I make it a must to spend less screen time during the weekend.  However, I still do watch some videos to broaden my know-how about things that I have to keep up with.  While paid online courses help me much, free videos are also key to my progress.

5. Webinar replays

It can be helpful to catch up on webinar replays that you missed out on during the weekdays.  That’s so, provided that the links remain valid till Saturday or Sunday.  Secondly, many of these online events provide special discounts to those who watch live.  In such cases, if you’d like to benefit from these special discounts, then watching a replay late may not be desired.

I do watch replays or even YouTube videos on Saturday.  While I prefer not to use my laptop on weekends, I often do so from my phone.  Taking a special break from normal workdays is important to unwind and have family time.

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Pile of books

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6. Set next week’s agenda

Make the most of some extra moments to reflect, evaluate, and set next week’s agenda.  Work smart by prioritizing your tasks in advance.  Have a to-do and not-to-do list.  Better still, block time in your calendar.  Review set goals so that they stay relevant and have a daily plan that aligns with them.

I love using note-taking apps on my phone.  My calendar is also key, as I have it wherever I go.  I often link specific documents to my calendar events, so that I can click on the link to quickly access the relevant file.

7. Trivia games

Rejoice with close ones, playing trivia games. These are thinking games that help the brain.  Kids can find it fun and it’s an opportunity for parents to teach them new things.

Relishing a successful Saturday is pure joy!  Although a simple activity, I remember how much I felt fascinated by playing as a child.

8. Fitness activities

You may already have exercised daily during the week, however, don’t neglect such healthy habits.  Generally, people may spoil themselves more during the weekend, and even indulge in overeating.  Keeping cardio, meditation, and yoga on your agenda every day can help much.  If not daily, some people prefer fitness activities every other day, for longer sessions.

9. Hobbies 

Be dedicated to your hobbies, as they help you grow personally and enjoy them as well.  Whether you prefer to paint, draw, play a sport, music, dance, or anything else, practice.  Everyone has some hidden talent and through hobbies, you can sharpen yours for the better.

10. Side-hustle

Do you have a side hustle that brings some extra cash?  Mine is my blog.  While I love to write about self-improvement topics that I live by and like to share with my readers, I also have been paid for my work.  A side job or gig is important for personal growth and maybe even a better financial situation.

These were my top ten personal growth activities for a successful weekend.  Self-improvement is an ongoing process, and learning is a lifelong thing.  Fortunately, they can be enjoyable if you plan the right activities for yourself.

Embrace personal growth techniques.  Use your weekends to relax and have fun.  Build skills at the same time.


To sum up, the weekend is a special time to relax and also enjoy personal growth activities of your choice.  If you find value in my article, please comment and share it for more people to see. Thank you!!

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Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

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22 thoughts on “10 personal growth activities for a successful weekend

  1. Very relatable. I spend most weekends pursuing my hobbies such as reading, sketching, and baking. But when I’m exhausted from the week’s workload – I usually just chill and talk spend time with my boyfriend (and do whatever he’s up to like online games and learning a new language.

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