Do you work from home?  If you’re self-employed or if you telecommute, then you may already have an existing home office.  If not, then perhaps doing so could be a temporary arrangement (such as in the case of social distancing), or else you may choose to be your own boss later on.  Read my blog post for tips on working from home joyfully, with a focus on productivity.

Here are 8 tips that I love and live by every day:

1. Dress up

Dress up in the morning, as though you’re leaving for office.  Do allow yourself more comfort than usual, though. Avoid staying in your pyjamas. This will get you in the right mood and attitude for productive work.

2. Home office

Identify a comfortable, quiet corner or room.  Make sure that you have office stationeries handy, ergonomic or at least reasonably comfortable furniture, and the device you’ll be working with.  Let in enough fresh air and relax.

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Work from Home – Work Life Balance and Time Management

How to work from home joyfully
Courtesy of Canva. How to work from home joyfully, Tips from Sharvi.

3. Define boundaries

If you’re new to having a home office, then you might need to brief your family about your availability.  Do set reasonable boundaries, as per the nature of your work. If you have small kids, they could find it difficult to understand.  

4. Web safety

The internet has threats and risks, so make sure to protect your device while handling important information at home.  Employers are likely to set guidelines for this purpose and may provide adequate software for collaborating with team members effectively.  

5. To-do and not-to-do list

Have a to-do and not-to-do list.  Start with the most important/urgent tasks to ensure completion on time. Working from home for the first time can be challenging.  However, with proper organization, it’s possible!

6. Disable notifications 

Disable unnecessary notifications, especially for social media.  Playing music while you work is wonderful and can be a great motivator.  Go for it if you can remain focused.

7. Productivity hacks 

Avoid multitasking as it has been seen to be counterproductive.  When doing certain types of tasks, prefer to batch similar ones together. 

How to work from home joyfully
Courtesy of Canva. How to work from home joyfully, Tips from Sharvi.

8. Self-care 

Avoid burn out.  Take regular breaks, have coffee or tea time, maintain a healthy diet, exercise, drink plenty of water, sleep properly, enjoy time with family, phone a friend, practice a hobby, and anything else you that duly need to stay fit and joyful.

Work from Home – Work Life Balance and Time Management


Working from home doesn’t have to be a hassle.  With proper planning, organizing and implementation, you can make it both fun and productive!  Would you like to share your experience? Please do so. If you know anyone who would benefit from such tips, please share my post.  Thank you!!

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

I also recommend that you see this article from Canva, ‘10 work from home tips to keep you healthy, happy and productive‘. Enjoy!

Photo/Image courtesy: Canva


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