Every time you end the year, you look back to see what you’ve achieved and what you plan for the next year. Your goals, objectives and New Year resolutions are what drive you to achieve a better and more meaningful life!

I’m no Guru on the topic, but I’ve done a lot for myself so far, working on finding better ways on an ongoing basis. In this post, I’ll share with you 10 tips to set the right goals for yourself…

1. The importance of goals

Goals act as a guide for you to accomplish what you need to. Choose and define your goals correctly. Review your set goals from time to time, so that they remain relevant.

2. Set the right goals

Many goals and New Year resolutions are abandoned, as soon as they’re set or a little while after. Be careful when choosing your goals.

3. Goal-setting techniques

Many people and businesses use specific, measurable, attainable, realistic and time-bound (SMART) goals, while others prefer other types of goal-setting models, or believe that rigid structured procedures/frameworks aren’t effective enough.

Decide which technique is better for you, as this differs from person to person, the type of goals you set, and more…

4. Ensure support

Having support from your family, friends and possibly even your co-workers could do much to help you in reaching your goals.

5. Qualitative and quantitative

Both qualitative and quantitative goals are important. Quantitative goals help you to better monitor your performance.

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6. Have an action plan

This part is crucial! After setting the right goals, make sure that the necessary resources are available, do have an action plan.

You may wish to break your plan as follows… List your goals for the year. Break them down into monthly goals, then detail how you’ll work on each of them on a weekly/daily basis. Make sure you set deadlines as well.

You may prefer other types of action plans, based on your own experience. For professional reasons, there may be industry-specific processes and software.

7. Motivation

This is why many goals don’t make it till the end. Apart from setting the right goals, you have to work religiously towards achieving them.

8. Holistic goals

We use goals both personally and professionally. Different aspects of your life constitute your holistic wellness and well-being. Set different goals in such a way, so that they support each other and lead towards your overall benefit.

9. My blogging goal

Even though I’ve had corporate working experiences while studying in the field of Business Administration, I’ve chosen the flexibility of working from home (for over 5 years already, at the time of writing), running different businesses. I started blogging and aim to post consistently with a weekly schedule, and I’m pleased to have achieved that!

10. My ‘why’

My reason for blogging or my ‘why’ isn’t just a simple task on my to-do list, but I gain much personally from researching the topics that I write about.

I also plan my day, so that my work (both for my businesses and my blog) get done on time. Aiming to keep me in shape and meditating daily has helped me a lot, not only as far as my health is concerned, but for my writing too! I also have a better morning routine now.

In summary, my different goals support and impact each other positively, having multiple benefits. Together, they all lead towards achieving my top-most life vision. Make sure that you not only see ‘how’ you’ll achieve your goals, but know ‘why’ they are important to you, for long-term success!

While years come and go, you see yourself setting goals and New Year resolutions so many times in a lifetime. However, when you set the right goals for yourself and know your true ‘why’, then you’ll have better results! Would you like to share your experience as well? Please do so. Thank you!

Editor’s Note: This blog article has been updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.

Featured photo credit: Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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63 thoughts on “Set the right goals for next year

  1. I think your point #10, “Why”, is so often understated in goal setting advice. For me, this is the key to accomplishing my goals. If goals aren’t consistent with the “why’s” in my life, then all the other points don’t matter. I encourage everyone to start with the “why” of their life FIRST, then start setting goals from them. Thanks for sharing this great post.

    Richard Yadon | http://www.RichardYadon.com

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  2. The most important part of setting goals is the action steps that you take to realizing that goal. If you fail to take action, your goal is just a wish.

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  3. I love this. In the past I have set unrealistic goals that at the time I knew I wouldn’t keep. This year, im setting goals that mean something to me. I want to be less stressed for my family and I want to work on my blog that I started for the first time a few days ago. I love your goals!

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  4. It is often hard to keep a goal we’ve set at the beginning of the year. For the first time last year I’ve accomplished a resolution I had taken and it made me so happy and proud of myself that I want to do it again next year. It has definitely motivated me and as you said in your article, motivation is key (+ all the other reasons you have listed). Something we can do is either set 1 big goal or small little ones because if we set too many big goals it might be harder to achieve them all, whereas if we take small steps it will be easier to achieve those goals and make us want to do more.

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