Today I woke up, and went out for a morning stroll in my garden before breakfast. I was thrilled to benefit from the comfortable warmth of the morning sunshine (as in Mauritius, we’re in winter, and it’s getting cold for our usual hot tropical climate!). I practiced yoga, deep breathing, and meditated, confirming to myself that I was indeed right, not to hit the snooze button today!

This is a photo that I took while strolling in my garden. I’m pleased that I can make use of these bright and joyful flowers for my blog post, and that I can share them on Twitter, Facebook and Instagram.

Photo by Sharvina.y (my own). Some ideas to wake up early..., Tips from Sharvi.
Photo by Sharvina.y (my own). Some ideas to wake up early…, Tips from Sharvi.


Starting the morning in this way, does give me the right boost to go about the rest of my day!

If you’re not a morning person, then planning something interesting to do first thing in the morning, could help give you the right incentive to wake up earlier, and feel motivated for the day ahead. Think about a great breakfast that you’ve planned to prepare for yourself, a nice jog in a lovely park, or a dip in the swimming pool. Perhaps you could you take your canine friend out for an early morning walk?

You could instead choose to wake up early to check your daily or weekly to-do list, plan your long-term strategy (personal or professional), and review your set objectives on a regular basis. Not on target for your goals? You could find out what skills you’d like to further develop, wake up earlier to read a few pages from a chosen text each day, or register for an online course.

Find out what works best for you. Be consistent, taking into account your sleep cycle, and ensure having enough sleep.

‘Early to bed and early to rise makes a man healthy, wealthy and wise.’ – Benjamin Franklin on Brainy Quote

To the above quote, I’d like to add… ‘and for the ladies too’.

Do you hit the snooze button, as I do sometimes? Would you like to share how you get out of bed early? Please do so. Thank you!

Note: In case of medical issues, do see you Doctor / Medical Practitioner.

16 thoughts on “Some ideas to wake up early…

  1. Nice post Sharvina… Yes mornings work wonder if taken care of well. There is a book too that I read a while back on the same topic. A very popular one indeed: The Miracle Morning by Hal Elrod. You might find it interesting if you haven’t read it. πŸ€˜βœŒπŸ‘

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  2. I do hit the snooze button. However, I set my alarm for earlier than I want to wake up to accommodate my snooze button lol. So I try to wake up early. I feel so much more energized and ready to take on many things when I know I have ample time to do it. I hate waking up late. I like that you mentioned yoga, I would love to start incorporating that into my mornings!

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  3. I used to be a late riser until a few years ago. Now I try to wake up early during the weekends and capture the sunrises. I share them on my blog and IG. It’s invigorating!

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  4. Well this is timely. We bought a new foam mattress and I can’t get out of bed – its so comfortable I keep sleeping in! I have to sleep on the couch to wake up early. That darn mattress is the best worst thing that ever happened to me!

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