Online courses are a convenient, flexible, and affordable way to build your skills.  Time spent at home (be it during social distancing, or generally, at any time of the year), is precious as always.  If you’re looking to build on your skills, read my blog post.  I’ll suggest 3 courses that I believe would be of benefit to my blog readers.

In this blog post, I’ll highlight the importance of life goals, self-improvement, self-care, and how they vitally support each other.  I’ll also suggest some online courses that you may take, in case you want to learn more.

Life goal online course

Once you’ve pinned down what you want to achieve in life, knowing your life purpose makes clear what you have to do.  Set the right goals in different categories of life (eg. health, family, career, and more).  Take action through the right daily habits and keep persevering.

If you want to work on your life goals, living intentionally and through self-help… See the course below.

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My Udemy video course pick:

Goal Setting Success:

A Complete Blueprint for Life Planning

Self-improvement online course

Getting better than what you were yesterday… is true progress.  Whatever goals you’ve set for yourself, you’re likely to find that you need to build on some new skills.  It’s never too late for self-improvement.  Everyone needs to learn something or other.

Is coding something that interests you?  Try this course.

My Udemy video course pick:

Coding for Beginners:

You can learn to code!

3 self-help courses you need in life

Self-care online course

Self-care and self-love are must daily.  You need time to relax, unwind, and recharge.  When you feel at your very best, you can then get things done with serenity.

I enjoy mindfulness meditation, yoga, and see the benefits of breathing exercises as I practice them daily.  Would you like to learn breathing techniques?

My Udemy video course pick:

“Breath is Life”

Pranayama & meditation course


To sum up, you can choose to make the most of online courses and learn from the comfort of your home. Set better life goals, duly enhance your self-improvement and self-care.  Would you like to share some of your tips?  Please do so.  Thank you!!


18 thoughts on “3 self-help courses you need in life

  1. I am interested in that self-care online course. I really need to focus more on myself. Having too many responsibilities that I must face every day is so physically, emotionally and mentally draining!

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  2. I am really tempted to learn how to code, but my priority right is to learn SEO. There so many things that I want to know. I guess I have what we called the shiny object syndrome.

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