Does it ever happen that you sometimes feel uncomfortable in life situations?  For example, you may find yourself in undesired situations, feel uncomfortable physically, stressed or overwhelmed?  Read my blog post for ideas on working towards feeling more pleasant in everyday life.

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learnt and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.

As a self-improvement blogger, I’ll  list 12 daily habits that support having more agreeable moments:


1. Have enough sleep

Not sleeping properly can cause discomfort during the day in many ways.  You may lack focus, energy, and even have a bad mood.  Concentration at work is key to achieving what you have to and on time.

2. Take a deep breath

Prepare yourself beforehand by practising deep breathing.  Better still, make it a habit by incorporating breathing exercises into your daily routine.  Early in the morning or at another time of the day, whichever is convenient.

3. Rotate your shoulders

Relaxation is very helpful and even crucial to feeling comfortable at any time.  Try to bring serenity to your thoughts and feel the pressure releasing.

As shoulders help in many body movements, the muscles are often tense.  Whether you work on your laptop all day, use your phone a lot, sit with your back slouched… all these and more contribute towards pain.  Rotate your neck and shoulders, feel the release of strain in your nape area.  It takes a few minutes and makes a great difference.

4. Wellness activities

Exercising or playing sports regularly helps to work out the body muscles, stimulating happiness hormones.  Meditation, yoga, and tai chi also have many benefits. 

Eating habits

5. Consume healthy foods

Eat healthy, nutritious foods that give the right vitamins and minerals.  Avoid junk foods, excessive sugar, oil, and so on.  When you eat right, it helps to be in good shape, promoting overall wellness and wellbeing.

6. Drink enough water

Feeling dehydrated only makes you feel tired.  Drink plenty of water for better vitality levels.  A parched throat is so uncomfortable!

7. Avoid too much caffeine

When feeling stressed, and even in normal times, avoid drinking coffee and tea excessively.  These are great beverages, however, they can lead to insomnia, lack of sleep, and eventually fatigue.

8. No indulgence

Abuse of alcohol and cigarettes doesn’t relax you.  While social drinking has its advantages, indulgence, on the other hand, can entail many undesired outcomes.  You won’t feel comfortable, but rather the opposite of it.

12 habits to help you feel more comfortable daily
Courtesy of Canva. 12 habits to help you feel more comfortable daily – Tips from Sharvi.

Dressing up 

9. Prefer comfortable clothes

Dress up for better comfort.  Wear warm clothes for winter, loose cotton ones for summer, pick the right type of garments for yourself.  Wear colours that brighten up your day, making you feel joyful and confident.

10. Wear the right shoes

Having the correct shoe size and model is key to feeling comfortable.  If you have to walk a lot or stand up during the day, think about your shoe heels.  A good foot massage after a hectic day helps relax your tired feet

Professional life

11. Stay informed

When it comes to feeling comfortable in the professional realm of life, knowing the facts and staying informed are vital.  Taking informed decisions with ease and confidence is great.  While learning from failure is wonderful, so is keeping up to date with your industry.  Both help to make better decisions.

12. Public speaking skills

Please note that public speaking events aren’t allowed during the lockdown in most countries (at the time of writing this blog post). However, this is an evergreen post, so, I’ll highlight the importance of it.

Have you heard of the fear of public speaking?  People often feel nervous and may even avoid it altogether. Get out of your comfort zone, and you won’t regret it. 

Use my list to get started and add more of your own.  Many of the habits that I mentioned are about healthy living, self-care, and self-improvement.  Find the right ones for yourself and incorporate them into your daily routine.

12 habits to help you feel more comfortable daily
Courtesy of Canva. 12 habits to help you feel more comfortable daily – Tips from Sharvi.


To sum up, adopt the right habits to help against possible discomforts in daily life.  Would you like to leave a comment with your tips or experience?  If you know someone who needs to read my article, please share it.  Thank you!!


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30 thoughts on “12 habits to help you feel more comfortable daily

  1. I can relate to all the points, particularly the one regarding sleep. I tried to overwork and thought that less sleep means more productivity which would be good. It didn’t take me long to realize where I was wrong. Our brains are not machines; they have limitations. So, adequate sleep would rather increase our efficiency. Thanks for bringing this up!

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  2. I agree with you that having enough sleep is very important to help us stay focused. I just tried rotating my shoulders now and yes, it made a difference. Thank you for sharing.

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  3. Not drinking alcohol is such a great decision! I can still go out and have fun, but I no longer spend WAY too much money, feel sick, lose my memory, and do damage to my body. There is literally ZERO downsides to not drinking! Don’t even get me started on smoking either – I do *not* understand why anyone even bothers to start.

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  4. We can have a happy life if we follow these habits. When I was frustrated or angry, the most effective way to vent immediately is to take a deep breath. Exhale the negative energy (to let go xxx) and inhale the positive energy (to accept XXX).

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  5. Rotating the shoulders and massages are certainly great relaxation techniques. Anything that soothes the body and spirit and takes the stress away is good.

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