Have you experienced the blessings of daily meditation yet?  I have!  If you’re still wondering if this activity is worth going for, then read my blog post to see how much I gained from meditating every day.

I’m a self-improvement blogger and often share about self-care on my blog.  In this post, I’m describing much of what I experience, since I’ve been meditating daily. 

10 ways I love and enjoy this special activity:

1. Induces relaxation

This has to be the very first point I make since relaxation is quite an obvious benefit.  There are various ways you can practice meditation.  A popular activity is through mindfulness techniques.  There are also other relaxing activities such as yoga, tai chi, and more.

2. Brings serenity

Meditating is a wonderful means to bring serenity to your mind.  With all the hustle and bustle of daily life, I just completely surrender to meditation in the morning.  It makes me feel calm and in control.

3. Declutters the mind

Having a positive and cheerful attitude can be linked to a clear mind.  Have you experienced the effect decluttering a room has on your mind?  I love seeing everything in order in my house, and the same goes for my mind.

4. Helps control anxiety

Meditation helps to lower anxiety and stress levels.  This has been backed by research.  Start the day with meditation, or else, practice at another convenient time during the day and/or before bedtime.

10 ways meditation has improved my life!
Meditation near a lake

5. Helps fight against anger

You may see the effect it has on the way you interact with others.  I noticed that meditation helps me to calm down and control my emotions.  I also react more mindfully and avoid regretful impulsive behaviour, such as bursts of anger or irritation.

6. Increases patience

The more you practice, the more you’ll get used to calmness and enjoy the serenity.  This encourages patience.  With such qualities, one becomes more mature as a person and may take wiser decisions in life.

7. Better focus

When you get used to concentrating, it helps to stay focused in a better way.  I find that since I meditate, I can remain absorbed in my work for longer, boosting my productivity level.

8. Better discipline

Learning and practising any of the techniques, such as mindfulness, yoga, or tai chi, helps inculcate better discipline.  You may be a young student, a professional… Whatever your age, you’ll gain from such habits.  You can then use them in different spheres of life, for the better.

9. Deep breathing

There are various breathing exercises or techniques in yoga.  Since I suffer from sinus, I make it a must to practice in the morning.  It helps me with better oxygen intake and I also gain enhanced vitality.

10. Morning routine

Always prefer having a morning routine.  Better still, incorporate the right self-care habits for yourself.  If you make meditation part of your daily routine, you won’t regret it.  You’ll gain so much and more.

Try meditation if you haven’t already embraced it into your daily life, and see for yourself!


To sum up, I gain so much from daily meditation.  If you still haven’t started, then now is the perfect time to begin.  If you’re already practising, then would you like to share your tips and experience?  Please do so.  Thank you!!

10 ways meditation has improved my life!
River stones



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