Do you need to relax?  Everybody does. At least from time to time…  Hectic lifestyles are very common. While you keep up with the exigencies of life, relaxation techniques are here to support you, so that you bounce back and feel at your very best again!

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learnt and experienced.  In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.

Here’s a list of 13 relaxation techniques to aid serenity (I currently practice 8 of them daily!):

1. Breathing exercises

Deep breathing is wonderful! I practice ‘pranayama’ in the morning, which is a term used in yoga for breathing exercises.  It not only relaxes me but makes me feel more energetic while having numerous other health benefits.

2. Meditation

Meditation aids calmness of the mind.  Ever since I went for a few sessions of mindfulness meditation, I practice at home, daily.  I’m thankful to ‘live in the moment’, savouring the true joys of life!

3. Yoga

Practice yoga as it has diverse benefits.

13 relaxation techniques to make you serene

4. Tai Chi

Tai Chi is relaxing, and you gain in other ways as well.

5. Nature hike

This activity may not be possible during the lockdown in many countries (at the time of editing this blog post).  However, my blog article is evergreen, so I’ll include it in the list.  

A walk at the beach, a nature park or just in your lovely garden, is relaxing and invigorating.  Being surrounded by nature is mesmerizing!

6. Music therapy

Listen to the music of your choice.  Prefer joyful tunes that are soothing, calm and serene.  Avoid noisy ones while trying to loosen up. I love the sound of the river flowing.

7. Art therapy

If you enjoy drawing, painting, handicrafts or other such hobbies, then you can relax at the same time. 

8. Pet therapy

Having a furry canine friend or other pet of your choice could be a great way to de-stress yourself (be mindful of social distancing, if needed). Looking at fish in an aquarium also boosts tranquillity.

9. Body massage

Self-massage the soles of your feet and apply pressure at the temples

10. Aromatherapy

You can use essential oils for massage, or else, use them with a diffuser.  Lavender is one of my favourites.

13 relaxation techniques to make you serene

11. Facial

Give yourself a facial at home. It’s simple… if you’re not a professional, you can still cleanse, tone, moisturize, and even scrub and apply a face mask.

12. Visualization

Visualize a serene, comforting and lovable picture.  Think of nature, a blue sky, mountains, crystal-clear lake or river… It’s soothing and revitalizing.

13. Journaling

Last but not least, keeping a journal to record what you did during the day, plan and track your life goals, express gratitude and so on, use it to relax as well.  Be mindful of the blessings that you already experience.  Sit back, be content… naturally and genuinely!

Find the most favourable activities for yourself, practice regularly and feel replenished.  Want an accountability partner?  Support each other in meeting set goals.


Life does get stressful, at least from time to time.  You need to unwind, so choose the relaxation techniques that suit you best.  Would you like to share your experience in the comments below? If you know someone who would benefit from my post, please share it.  Thank you!!

Editor’s Note: This blog post has been edited and updated for better accuracy and comprehensiveness.



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28 thoughts on “13 relaxation techniques to make you serene

  1. Such a great post. I recently have been trying to find ways to reduce my stress levels. Pet Therapy has always worked in the past. However, this was a great post to offer me more ways to relax and take a breath. Great tips and what fantastic ways to unwind from such a busy world that we live in. It has definitely helped me find some other options. Thank you!

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  2. These are all such great techniques for relaxation! My personal favorites are yoga, music therapy, & aromatherapy! Yoga is definitely my #1 though, it’s so healing, grounding, & has such a relaxing effect on me!

    Liked by 1 person

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