Making decisions and the right ones are key to achieving what you aim for.  There are small and big types of them, some are even crucial to success.  Everyone selects what they should do in their way.  Read my blog post to find a variety of ideas to support better decision-making.

As a self-improvement blogger, I’ll list 18 of my older blog articles while also sharing ideas on the topic.  Find the best ones for yourself.

18 helpful tips for better choices

At the individual-level (1-5)

I’ll start with decisions-making at the individual level.  Your beliefs affect what you choose to do.  Success means different things to different people, and you select which life goals you want for yourself, based on your life purpose.  Choices are therefore key to success.

We all have different personalities, have been brought up in different environments, backgrounds, and cultures.  Societal pressure and norms also play a role. However, if you know your life purpose, it will help and guide you in making agreements that you genuinely value.

Read some helpful blog posts:

Family and social life (6-9)

Your spouse/life partner (if you have one), parents, siblings, kids, and your close circle of friends often affect the choices you make.  They’re likely to be people you share special time with, being important in your life.  Relationships are delicate and need understanding.  The choices that you make are likely to affect those dear to you.

With stress and pressure, people often lose their cool and behave in ways that they didn’t intend to.  Saying things that they regret later on, and maybe even break valuable relationships.  Speaking mindfully after reflecting helps to control anger and avoid blunders in life.

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18 helpful tips for better decision-making
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In the professional sphere (10-15)

There are different types of decisions that you need to make in the workplace or for your career prospects.  Formal or informal education, training, and courses support ongoing learning.  Ikigai is a helpful Japanese concept related to life purpose.

I’ve listed some of my posts that can be of help.  Choose the ones you prefer, depending on what you’re looking for.  My blog is on self-improvement and I do have a longer list for this section on the ‘professional sphere’.

Visit any links that you may prefer:

In the business arena (16-18)

Making business agreements are often more systematic and complex than personal ones.  They also tend to depend on a process or procedure, having different people involved.  An organization has its policies and needs to meet set goals.  

If you’re an entrepreneur, self-employed, or a solopreneur, then you’re likely to be involved in decision-making, perhaps even being the only one making crucial ones.

Take a look at these articles:

Different people have different approaches to decision-making.  At a personal level, it depends much on personality, perception, tastes, peers, and so on.  There is no definite, right or wrong to it.  However, taking due precautions and evaluating different possible options before selecting the best is prudent.  The quality of the choices can affect your level of success, for the better (or worse)!  


To sum up, this article is on better decision-making.  I shared links to different related blog posts.  Feel free to read them for more ideas of your own.  Would you like to leave a comment on the topic?  If you found my blog helpful, please share it for others to see.  Thank you!!

18 helpful tips for better decision-making
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24 thoughts on “18 helpful tips for better decision-making

  1. I would love to read more about the professional sphere so, I appreciate these post that you share. I have been hearing a lot of Ikigai and would love to learn more about this concept. Will find time to read all the post you have on the list.

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  2. Decision-making is a crucial part of our lives as it’s something we have to do daily. Making the right decisions is so important. I think these tips would be helpful.

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  3. Thanks for sharing these wonderful tips, links and organizing them into categories like individual, professional, personal, and business level. It is good to reflect on these points and improve decision-making.

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