We all live our daily lives, doing things that contribute towards what we achieve in a lifetime.  We also spend time at home, a crucial place.  Organising your home, therefore, contributes much to your general wellbeing and success.  Read my blog post for ideas on organizing your home intentionally.

I’m a blogger sharing tips on life, self-improvement, and self-care.  Working from home, I inevitably spend much time at my residence.  Organising my house brings me abundant benefits! 

Here are some ways to orchestrate your household intentionally:


First and foremost, a decluttered and orderly house is calming and brings serenity.  However, in reality, the house does get messy… at least from time to time.  You may feel too busy to always be tidying up.  If you have kids, then they may be playing and leaving toys scattered around all the time! 

I have a simple principle that helps me immensely and it doesn’t take me much time to practice.  Once my house is in order, I aim at always keeping every object that I use back to its original place immediately, after I’ve used it.

Have a cleaning schedule

Cleaning the house and other chores may pile up during the week.  You may then feel too tired to tackle everything during the weekend.  This may cause you to miss out on self-care.  Have a reasonable cleaning schedule, according to your lifestyle.

I don’t do all the chores at home myself, but take responsibility for some tasks.  Since I work from home (being my own boss), I can squeeze in some time during the day, when I want to.  In my daily to-do list, I keep some time to prepare a quick healthy lunch, load the washing machine, and so on.   

Plan your cooking

You can simplify your daily cooking by planning weekly.  Decide what you’ll cook on which days of the week.  This is also an opportunity to ensure enough healthy and nutritious dishes, in line with a balanced diet.

Stock the relevant groceries in advance, so that you can have all the ingredients that you need.  This measure also assists if you prefer buying discounted products that may be close to the expiry date.  With a weekly plan, you can ensure that you’ll use them within a few days.  

white notebook and blue pencil
Photo by Tirachard Kumtanom on Pexels.com

Have a dedicated corner for self-improvement

Whichever profession you’re in, having a special place at home to spend time on personal development activities is valuable.  You may use it for regularly reading, taking online courses, listening to podcasts, practising hobbies such as painting, sports, and more.  Set learning goals and use this fabulous space to work towards achieving them regularly.

Save the environment

Use electricity and water carefully.  Have a home garden to plant some organic foods for yourself and your family.  Collect rainwater and recycle it to water your plants.  

Recycle and donate used stuff that is still in good condition.  If you have kids at home, then involve them in helping out during the weekend.  They’ll have fun and learn new skills.

Use smart home technology 

There are many benefits of smart home automation.  Whether it’s about synchronizing your domestic appliances, providing home security, and more, you can choose from a variety of devices for better convenience, comfort, and peace of mind.


To sum up, home is an amazing place!  Organize your dwelling thoughtfully and intentionally to enjoy yourself, and achieve your set goals.  Would you like to add your thoughts in the comments below?  If you know someone who needs such tips, please share my blog post.  Thank you!!


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Smart home technology


26 thoughts on “How to organise your home intentionally

  1. I love the idea of organizing our homes intentionally. I have been neglecting decluttering at home as I am so busy at work but after reading your post, I am just inspired to finally do it. Love the idea of a dedicated corner for self-improvement. Will make that my next project.

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  2. These are wonderful tips. What I really need to do is to create a separate space for me to do my online work. I usually take my laptop with me where ever I am in the house. I think a dedicated space would improve my productivity.

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  3. De-cluttering is one of my favourite things to do! I do multiple de-clutter sessions per month. As a collector, it’s actually very necessary, or I may get lost in my own house 😅 and I always donate my belongings to local charity shops, friends, OR I find a way to re-use or upcycle them in new ways! Organising can be a lot of fun!

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  4. I keep working on decluttering per area. I think I do need a cleaning schedule because I don’t do it in one particular day or specific timeframe. And yes, I have to think more about saving the environment as well.

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