Routines are daily habits that support achieving success.  You already know about them, however, improving and making better use of them, can make a significant difference.  Read my blog post to see how these 10 vital daily routines support a better life.

1. Morning 

A morning routine is a series of steps that you take to start the day, every day.  It’s often said how successful people have great morning habits.  It sets you up proactively so that you’re full of vitality to tackle things with productivity.

Although I’m not a natural morning bird and do make efforts to rise earlier, I must admit that adopting a morning routine is one of the best things to go for.  Especially since I work from home (blogging and running another business of my own), I need discipline and enough time for self-care.  The right habits support me in a satisfactory workday.

2. Fitness 

Exercising can be a part of your morning habits, or even at another time of the day.  To fit your schedule and agenda, it can be convenient to squeeze in some time before lunch or even in the evening to help unwind.  Practising cardio and sports are ways to stay fit and healthy.

My current favourite physical activities are cardio exercises and jogging.  I also sometimes take a walk in my garden, which is rather more soothing than a workout.  I always feel better emotionally after moving around and breathing deeply, thanks to the stimulation of happiness hormones.

3. Serenity 

Meditation, yoga, or tai chi are some of the popular ways to relax, unwind, and recharge.  There’s nothing new to say about that, you may think, however, when was the last time that you truly sat back and took the time for a meditation session?  If it’s already part of your everyday life, keep it up!  If not, then do put aside a few minutes to enjoy the serenity.

I focus on meditation, breathing yoga, and music therapy these days.  I also journal to express gratitude.  Looking at nature is so soothing, and a therapy that’s free of charge to relish.

10 vital routines to embrace for a better life
Image from 10 vital routines to embrace for a better life – Tips from Sharvi.

4. Skincare 

Skincare is important for everyone, whatever be your age and gender.  The skin is a vital organ of the body, having various functions.  Maintaining it helps to keep it in a good state.

I cleanse, tone, and moisturize my face daily.  Sunscreen protects against the harsh rays of the sun and prevents sun damage.  I also apply a scrub and facemask weekly.  Facial steaming helps to remove impurities from the pores.

5. Haircare 

Styling your hair looks fashionable.  Everyone shampoos and dries their hair.  Additionally, you could even be using products such as conditioners, hydrating masks, hairsprays, and colouring.  To be presentable, neat hair is primordial.  

6. Self-improvement 

A self-help routine could include formal and/or informal learning.  Personal growth is an ongoing process.  Learning is a lifelong habit.  Those who are always thirsty to know more, are likely to aim for the moon…

“Aim for the moon. If you miss, you may hit a star.” – W. Clement Stone

As a self-improvement blogger, I’m always learning new things.  I set goals, work on them, review and make changes if needed.  I’ve also partnered with some of the top online course platforms (as an affiliate) to spread the word and make suggestions to my readers.

Visit my blog’s resources page to find useful links, recommended apps, and tools.

7. Cooking 

Cooking is an inevitable daily routine.  Even though everyone doesn’t do the chore, they still need to enjoy breakfast, lunch, and dinner.  This also includes times when people go to a restaurant or cafe (outside of the lockdown period), someone has to prepare it for them.  Simply said, cooking is primordial, even if others do the work for you.

A cooking routine should be convenient.  At home, plan for menus that are healthy, save time, and delicious.  It’s a good idea to buy groceries, keeping your menu plan in mind.  This way, you’ll buy what you need for the week and use perishable products on time.  It can also help to buy discounted items with a close expiry date and make sure that they are used before expiring.

8. Decluttering

Decluttering helps to throw away, sell as second-hand items, and donate what you no longer need and that takes space unnecessarily.  It has other benefits as well…  Seeing a clean space is often calming to the mind, cleaning the house becomes easier and less time-consuming.  

I declutter and prefer minimalism.  My wardrobe consists of a reasonable number of clothes.  I prefer quality over quantity so that my belongings last longer.  I  also favour styles that don’t get outdated too quickly and can use them for enough time.

9. Digital detox 

Digital detox is an important routine.  Looking at your screen too often can become an addiction.  Blue light is often said to interfere with a night of proper sleep.  Keeping your phone away before bedtime is a good break.

10. Bedtime 

Get ready to sleep and prepare yourself for it.  Freshen up, brush your teeth, get into your pyjamas are obvious things to do before bedtime.  However, when you end the day with satisfaction and look forward to starting the morning eagerly, you see more than such simple habits.  Every new day is a new chance to work towards your life goals and a good night’s sleep is what you deserve to wake up fresh and full of vitality.

Daily routines

These were the 10 daily routines to embrace for a better life.  They are quite obvious, but not everyone does them right.  With more careful consideration of what you do daily and the habits you embrace, you can work on improving your routines for better results.


Think about and improve on these vital routines.  How can you make the most of them for better achievement?  Would you like to leave a  comment on the topic?  If you found my article helpful, please share it for others to see.  Thanks and cheers!

10 vital routines to embrace for a better life
Image from 10 vital routines to embrace for a better life – Tips from Sharvi.


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16 thoughts on “10 vital routines to embrace for a better life

  1. My boys are such creatures of habit, we’ve learned that they thrive on routines. And when we started on strict routines with them, I noticed that I felt better with routines, too. It helps to have reminders set in my phone for some of it.

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  2. These have been especially important in our “lockdowns” but are always good. Our house is very open, and we always make the bed, which I think helps me all day. Declutter is good. I’m working on it. But what do you do when you’ve donated half your “stuff” and still have no room in your closet on your bookshelves? Rofl.

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