10 tips for healthy body weight

10 tips for healthy body weight, Tips from Sharvi.

The pressure to look like models, could sometimes mislead people to become too thin, leading to health issues later on. While you work towards being/remaining slim, you shouldn't forget to stay healthy at the same time! I'm not a professional in the field, but I do my best to keep fit and remain healthy at … Continue reading 10 tips for healthy body weight

Liebster Award

Liebster Award

I'm thrilled to be ending the year with yet another award from the blogger community! After having received 4 other awards earlier this year, I now accept my first Liebster Award from Mel, whom I thank deeply and joyfully! Please do take a minute to visit the lovely blog, Decor Craft Design. Having had corporate … Continue reading Liebster Award

14 tips for best family time during the festive season!

14 tips for best family time during the festive season! Tips from Sharvi.

Spending best time with close ones isn't just important during festivals, but we need to ensure quality time on a daily basis. In this blog post, I'll share 'things to do' that ensure a cohesive family time, while enjoying the holiday season. 1. Involve everyone The first step towards planning for a collaborative event is … Continue reading 14 tips for best family time during the festive season!

Flowers for you!…

Flowers for you!... Tips from Sharvi.

That's right... flowers for you! In this post, I'll be sharing with you some photos that I took in my own garden. While I'm not a professional photographer, I enjoy clicking photos to post on my lovable Instagram account!! Please find some of my favourite photos taken in 2018, since I started my blog in … Continue reading Flowers for you!…

10 reasons to persevere

10 reasons to persevere, Tips from Sharvi.

What's the ultimate secret to success? Different people would give different answers to this question. However, while many things do truly contribute to your success, without perseverance/persistence, all your efforts would fall apart! As per the Oxford Dictionaries perseverance is 'Persistence in doing something despite difficulty or delay in achieving success'. My relationship with 'perseverance' … Continue reading 10 reasons to persevere

25 tips for inner peace

25 tips for inner peace, Tips from Sharvi.

Busy times, lots to do every day, with more and more pressure building up... Added to stress, comes the conflict in relationships! How do you accomplish it all while being energetic, and stay at peace with your inner self on a daily basis? The Oxford Dictionaries defines the word peace as 'Freedom from disturbance; tranquillity'. … Continue reading 25 tips for inner peace

8 essential dental care tips

8 essential dental care tips, Tips from Sharvi.

Caring for your teeth? Quite an obvious thing to do, right? Dental care is defined as 'medical care and hygiene relating to your teeth', by the Collins English Dictionary. Although we all know how to brush our teeth since we were toddlers, we need to review and remind ourselves of... 1. Brushing Brushing your teeth … Continue reading 8 essential dental care tips

Need for a digital detox?

Need for a digital detox?, Tips from Sharvi.

Do you look at your mobile phone first thing in the morning and last thing, before going to sleep at night? How many times do you peek at your phone screen during the day? Honestly, while in class, attending a business presentation or even... during a meeting with your client? While at the dinner table … Continue reading Need for a digital detox?

10 anger management tips

Photo courtesy Canva. 10 anger management tips, Tips from Sharvi.

Everyone feels angry at times! That's natural,... then why should you manage your anger? What are the potential consequences of uncontrolled temper, leading to actions and harsh spoken words, that could bring regret and cause damage to your personal and professional relationships? In the Oxford Dictionaries, anger is defined as 'Feeling or showing strong annoyance, … Continue reading 10 anger management tips

Solve your problem in 7 steps

Photo courtesy Canva. Solve your problem in 7 steps, Tips from Sharvi.

Albert Einstein once said “We cannot solve our problems with the same thinking we used when we created them”. I truly admire that quote, and have seen the result of applying some effective problem-solving techniques myself... I recall a 2 day workshop I attended a few months ago, which was on creative problem-solving techniques. While … Continue reading Solve your problem in 7 steps