Success is something that most people want and even strive for in life.  Success also means different things to different people, based on what they value most and want to achieve.  However, one thing is rather vital, no matter what your goals are, taking the right habits can support you much in what you choose to undertake.  

I’m a self-improvement blogger and in this blog post, I’ll share how adopting the right habits can boost your accomplishments.  I’ve already blogged about habits before, so, in this article, I’ll direct my readers to more resources.

Motivating and inspiring (1-2)

Habits have to last for long-term benefits.  Motivation and inspiration are key to not giving up.  Perseverance is important and can be what makes a difference between giving up too soon and persisting till the finish line to win.  

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Change is often unwanted and resisted.  However, it can also be a catalyst that brings some kind of hidden blessing.  Embracing change can be hard, but it’s important when we live in such an uncertain and volatile world.

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Life goals (3-4)

Knowing your life purpose is key to setting the right goals for yourself.  However, it may take some time to know what they are.  In my case, it took me years to find my purpose.  Before doing so, I wasted time on things that I didn’t value and wasn’t happy with.  Ikigai is a wonderful Japanese concept that helps with finding your purpose.

Watch this short video for a quick idea of what ikigai means:

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Successful habits (5-7)

Habits support you in what you aim for.  Becoming successful takes hard work, better still, working smart.  Having a morning routine, tracking your progress towards your set goals, and learning from others with more experience are some of the hacks.

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Learning (8-10)

Learning is an ongoing process. Lifelong learning is inevitable to be on top of things.  Whether through formal or informal methods, keep on growing personally.  I enjoy online courses much and see how they helped me with my blog.

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Productivity (11-15)

Productivity skills are important to perform work properly and within the given time frame.  Some people are naturally more productive than others, based on the results they get. Fortunately, we can all improve on that skill, if needed.  

Swipe to boost your productivity through these daily habits:

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Wellness (16-20)

Serenity and healthy habits are primordial for wellness and well-being.  Proper nutrition, fitness, digital detox, meditation, and relaxation are some things that I practice daily and see the benefits.

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My garden walk is something that brings me pure joy.  Looking at flowers and taking out my smartphone for a quick photo, is a habit that I enjoy.

My Facebook post, my garden view bliss:

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Family and home (21-25)

Family is important and a home is a special place.  How you interact with others can be crucial to relationships.  Find some resources that help with close ones and organizing your home.  

An image on Instagram highlights the importance of speaking mindfully to strengthen relationships:

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Find the right habits for yourself and embrace them into your daily life.  

25 helpful resources for better daily habits
Image from 25 helpful resources for better daily habits – Tips from Sharvi.
25 helpful resources for better daily habits
Image from 25 helpful resources for better daily habits – Tips from Sharvi.


To sum up, I’ve listed some key habits that support working on achieving success.  I’ve also linked to my published resources in the form of blog and social media posts.  Would you like to comment on your experience? If you enjoyed my article, please share it for others to see. Thanks and cheers!!

16 thoughts on “25 helpful resources for better daily habits

  1. Making good habits is worth doing. I try to make lists for the things I need to do and include the things I am working on in that list. Or I set reminders for things until they become a habit.

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  2. Great tips – all of them. One that stands out for me is “Learning” … and I recall some advice an old man gave me. He said, “Never stop educating yourself.” He was so right.

    Liked by 1 person

  3. I agree with the avoid time wasters. There are so many time wasters in the world and they need to be avoided as much as possible. Even if they are your family members.

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