Do you know and admire someone who has provided support and guidance to you, showing a wealth of maturity and sagacity?  It can be so helpful towards others while being a great blessing for the person him/herself.  Read my blog post to find out more.

Having a parent, grandparent, teacher, or even sometimes a coach or professional mentor can boost your confidence and help succeed in many ways.  

“I live in that solitude which is painful in youth, but delicious in the years of maturity.” – Albert Einstein

1. Solitude

Solitude, while often apprehended in youth, is a time to reflect, live in the moment, and find solutions for the better, later on in life.  I must admit that I’m not a real extrovert, but rather an ambivert, if not an introvert.  I’ve seen the value of spending enough time on my own and it has brought me much for the better.

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2. Patience

Patience often improves over the years.  When you used to get distracted quicker or got annoyed in your teens, you must have become soberer in your thirties.  I remember my days and do see a difference.

3. Respect

People are respectful at any age.  However, with experience, we tend to be more tolerant towards conflicting ideas and opinions.  It can be debatable, as everyone’s different.  However, having a better understanding, it’s easier to accept other views.


4. Sympathy

Understanding what other people may be feeling and experiencing is a noble way of showing consideration.  When you know that a colleague is facing a hard time, give them an encouraging smile, so they might see the brighter side of things.  It helps to have better relationships and strengthens the team spirit.

5. Support

Being supportive of those close to you is essential.  Having seen much, you can comfort others, providing strength.  Having been through hardship and learning from experience, you can better help those in dismay.

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Blooming flower

6. Emotional maturity

Emotional maturity helps in managing your emotions.  It can happen in many types of circumstances.  People of all ages confront issues and having lived through similar events, the experience can be a handy tool for handling such days. 

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7. Genuineness

I remember my school days as a teenager.  Peers tend to imitate each other artificially.  It’s a craze of being younger.  However, later on, as I grew older, I saw the beauty of genuineness and it came naturally to embrace who I truly am, just being myself.

8. Competition

Healthy competition is good, whether in sports or business.  Having an accountability buddy to motivate each other in reaching fitness goals is also beneficial.  On the other hand, there are some types of comparisons that you could make with others that diminish self-confidence, fuelling jealousy, and ultimately, spoils relationships with no good at all.  Wisdom is like a blessing that shows you how to take it all with an open mind and feel good about being yourself.

9. Flexibility

Being able to adjust and accept change is crucial.  While embracing change is often easier when you’re younger, life lessons can be a tool and reason to have a flexible approach.  Being cooperative, easy-going, and accommodating is often necessary to work together and achieve set goals.


10. Responsibility

Taking responsibility is often easier when you’re an adult.  However, even younger people could get forced to grow up quickly and learn how to be in charge of their lives, especially when they’ve lost a parent early.  Taking up a job, paying the bills, maybe even having a family (if you choose to) and seeing your kids grow up are some stages in life that normally inculcate a high sense of duty.

Ongoing learning

Last but not least, as you build up lessons, your wisdom grows.  Sagacity, understanding, and thoughtfulness benefit better decision-making.  To stay on top of things, no matter your age, embrace continuous learning.  Be it through formal or informal methods, it supports self-improvement and personal growth.  

Sagacity is invaluable as it supports you in many circumstances.  Learn from experience, value education throughout the length of existence, and always put it to practice for better results.  Teach and support others who are willing to benefit from your knowledge, being a guide or mentor, at home, at work, or other places.


I listed 10 noble signs of attaining maturity with sagacity.  Could you think of other ways?  Please do comment.  Share my article if you know someone who needs to read it.  Thank you!! 

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Glowing light. Text: 10 noble signs of attaining maturity with sagacity,
Glowing light

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