Set the right goals for next year

Set the right goals for yourself, Tips from Sharvi.

Every time you end the year, you look back to see what you've achieved and what you plan for the next year. Your goals, objectives and New Year resolutions are what drive you to achieve a better and more meaningful life! I'm no Guru on the topic, but I've done a lot for myself so … Continue reading Set the right goals for next year

Flowers for you!…

Flowers for you!... Tips from Sharvi.

That's right... flowers for you! In this post, I'll be sharing with you some photos that I took in my own garden. While I'm not a professional photographer, I enjoy clicking photos to post on my lovable Instagram account!! Please find some of my favourite photos taken in 2018, since I started my blog in … Continue reading Flowers for you!…

5 ways failure helps success!

5 ways failure helps success!, Tips from Sharvi.

We all sometimes feel that we've failed, be it in our personal or professional life, our relationships, our dreams and desires, and more. How we react to this, makes all the difference... We could actually gain from failure! Learn from mistakes No one succeeds all the time, in fact mistakes that we make, give us … Continue reading 5 ways failure helps success!

Strolls for inspiration

Cotton clouds seen, from my garden, Mauritius. Photo by sharvina.y (my own) on Instagram.

There are days when ideas don't come naturally, and I make efforts to find inspiration, such as finding a topic for my new blog post.  While using the 'daily prompt' is very useful (a life saver for regular blogging), my special exercise for inspiration and idea-generation is often to stroll down my garden.  Observing nature … Continue reading Strolls for inspiration

Eluding screen addiction (2)!

I'm back as promised, with the second of this 3 parts series.  If you missed the first one, you may wish to click here, where I evoked my experience of hiking, and how eluding screen addiction for a while, gave me so much benefit, that I'm now taking a digital detox, on a regular basis! In … Continue reading Eluding screen addiction (2)!

Eluding screen addiction (1)!

Let's start with the photo in this blog, which  I took a few weeks ago, while hiking somewhere at the Black River District, in Mauritius.  It was a warm day, wearing comfortable cotton clothes, my favourite trekking shoes, a straw hat, a bottle of water in my bag,  with my camera in my hands.  Did … Continue reading Eluding screen addiction (1)!

My nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award

Sunshine Blogger Award

I'm honoured to be nominated for the Sunshine Blogger Award!  This award is a great way for bloggers to give recognition to fellow bloggers, for being inspiring and creative with their posts.  Do check out the blog website, by Mairi, who has nominated me gracefully. This is how nominated bloggers should proceed: Thank the … Continue reading My nomination for the Sunshine Blogger Award

Should I take the bus or drive my car?


It happens at times, we get stuck in a dilemma, asking which mode of transportation to take on a particular day. There are pros and cons for each, and except for normal days such as going to work or school, where our routine and time keeping is primordial & pondering on how to get to … Continue reading Should I take the bus or drive my car?