Are you an extrovert, introvert, or ambivert? Many introverts prefer certain types of jobs. Read my article to find interesting virtual remote working ideas.

I’m a self-improvement blogger. Being an introvert (or rather an ambivert), I’d like to share some things with my readers. I’m a business graduate and have been in the corporate world before moving to my home office (for over 8 years at the time of writing).

Here are my 14 ideas that you can use for inspiration:


1. Software Engineer

Are you passionate about designing, developing, maintaining, testing, and evaluating computer software? Any company must ensure that things run smoothly. You could also do that within the walls of your home.

Tech jobs are known to be highly paid. As part of the STEM acronym (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math). Women generally tend to be underrepresented in these fields.

2. Artificial Intelligence Architect

AI is more important than ever. From video games to almost anything, it has something to offer. Offering such services could be interesting. Some examples are advanced web searches, Alexa, self-driving cars, and more.

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. This means that if you click on a link and make a purchase, I’ll receive a commission (at no additional cost to you).

Don’t miss out on the Coursera 7-day free trial on specializations!

AI Foundations for Everyone Specialization

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Sharpen your skills in data science, and deep learning, among others.


3. Bookkeeper

As a virtual bookkeeper, you handle the day to day recording of financial transactions of a business. Many people don’t have the time for such tasks, or the knowledge. They could benefit from outsourcing it.

These are quite simple tasks. You’ll need to update the accounts of your clients. Be accurate and on time.

4. Accountant

Adding on to what the bookkeeper does, an accountant has more knowledge and certifications. It’s crucial to build on the records taken, a few steps further. Offer services, such as tax and investment advice.

It’s an occupation in which you can have a limited amount of interactions. If you’re the solitary type, it could be for you. Every business needs to have its accounts prepared.


5. Actuary

This role is in the insurance sector. Calculating risk is crucial. Some companies offer remote jobs.

Stay at home and have a home office. If you enjoy it, then maybe this could be for you. It does require specific qualifications.


6. Video Editor

Videos are everywhere! From websites to social media, people love consuming such content. It’s visual, has audio, and even text. Companies cannot miss out on using them to market their products. They’re also great for online courses and so much more.

As an Editor, you get to bring the best out of the content. Delete the parts that shouldn’t be kept, enhance what’s needed, add music, animation, and more. Professionally, you could do a great job by supporting businesses.

7. Graphic Designer

From your abode, you could create graphic designs. If you’re creative and love art, this could be for you. Always stay on top by knowing the latest trends.

Some tools help people create designs easily. However, designing a logo requires skill. Some types of work are better done by a professional.

Woman at a work desk. Text: 14 virtual remote jobs: interesting careers for introverts,
Woman at a work desk

Graphic Design Specialization

(Offered by California Institute of the Arts)

Learn about visual communication, branding communication, and more.

8. Free stock photographer

Do you love taking photos? Anyone can start with a smartphone, as it gives great results. Having a professional camera would be ideal.

Enjoy your hobby, and even learn to polish your skills. Selling photos can bring in money. There are many platforms that you can use to showcase your work.


9. Blogger

A blog is easy to start. However, the majority of them don’t make it after the first year. It requires hard work and you could wait for months if not a few years to start earning revenue. I got my first sponsored post after my first year of blogging.

If you love to write, then start a blog. If you love to make videos, then, have a YouTube channel. TikTok and Instagram are also popular.

10. Freelance Writer

Freelance work requires effort in finding work all the time. It’s vital to build relationships with brands that know you. They could give your multiple projects.

In the post-lockdown period, companies could be struggling to keep costs down. Some might not have a budget for freelancers. On the other hand, others may prefer to find freelancers instead of hiring new employees to create content and write on their blogs. Research your market well in advance.

11. Proofreader

Help people by correcting their written mistakes. This could be a service to authors. While people spend time writing their copy, they often would benefit from having a professional checking it.

I write my blog articles and check for any typos, grammar, and other things myself. I use a spell check to automatically find required edits. I also make use of another pair of human eyes. Usually, my mom helps me out. Seeing my draft the next day helps to see it with fresh eyes.

Business services

12. Virtual Assistant

A VA supports clients in a variety of ways. They take care of certain tasks, which then allows the client to focus on their priorities. You could even work on different projects, flexibly.

Many platforms connect freelancers with brands for a fee or commission. Build relationships to get repeat projects. Clients review your services for others to see.

13. Inbound Marketer

Who said an introvert can’t be in marketing? Certain methods complement this personality type. Use the internet to network and build connections. At a later stage, meeting personally could be needed (and respect social distancing).

I’m an ambivert, spending enough time in solitude. I also work in marketing, being my own boss, aside from blogging. Inbound marketing could be interesting even if you’re shy.

14. Social Media Manager

Social media channels are a vital component of marketing. They help brands find and attract interested leads. However, with work overload, finding a specialist saves time.

A social media manager knows how platforms work. Specializing and niching down is better. For example, be a ‘Pinterest Manager for life coaches in New York’.

Learning is ongoing. People may have to change fields or industries during their lifetime. Use my list as an inspiration and find your best choice. Develop the skills as well.

Social Media Marketing Specialization

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It includes business planning, digital marketing, and more.


There are many possible virtual remote jobs and interesting careers for introverts. Choose your preferred option. If you know someone who needs such ideas, please share my article. If you’d like to add anything relevant, please comment. Thanks and cheers!

Office bag. Text: 14 virtual remote jobs: interesting careers for introverts,
Office bag

17 thoughts on “14 virtual remote jobs: interesting careers for introverts

  1. Working remotely gives you freedom from many things
    on the other side hire someone remotely is having different benefits you are free from many things like insurance of employment residence and so on.

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  2. It is a new era of wfh or work remotely. Anyone may publish information about their career, courses, firm, institute, and much more.

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  3. There is a huge need for IT engineers, software engineers and anything based in those fields right now, However the technical skills field of people that can actually do things like plumbers and electricians needs skilled workers too and pay almost as much if not better these days.

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