Have you ever said things that you later on regret? Did it have undesirable implications for you? Being mindful of what you say, how you behave and react is important and can save you from many regrets in the future.

On my blog, you’ll find tips that help you in many aspects of your life. While I read a lot on relevant topics, I put into practice, to see results myself. In this blog post, I’ll give you my top 10 reasons for speaking mindfully and also how I handle things for better results myself.

10 reasons to speak mindfully

1. You’re angry. Be careful of making a wrong decision, on the spur of the moment. To read more about anger management, please click here.

2. You’re overjoyed. You risk praising someone unrealistically or making promises that you, later, on won’t keep.

10 reasons to speak mindfully for the better, Tips from Sharvi.
Courtesy of Canva. 10 reasons to speak mindfully for the better, Tips from Sharvi.

3. You’re depressed. You find that life has no meaning. Don’t let bitterness spoil the day/life of your close ones.

4. You’re insecure. You may feel jealous or envious for a while. However, work on it, get over it and don’t show people that you lack self-esteem.

5. You’re infatuated. It’s just physical attraction and a temporary matter. Don’t make promises that you won’t keep!

6. You’re in love. When really in love, you don’t see the flaws of your special one (especially at the early stage of your relationship). You may praise each other, but later on, tell yourself that the other isn’t really what they first seemed to be.

7. You’re confused. Not having properly nailed down something, don’t judge someone ruthlessly!

8. You can hurt others. Not speaking mindfully, you risk hurting others.

9. You can spoil relationships. Relationships are fragile! Be careful when you speak and first, make sure that you know the facts.

10. You can lose your job. Yes, that’s true! Maybe you have a bad boss, but do be careful when speaking. It could cost you your job/career.

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Photo by rawpixel.com on Pexels.com

In case you’re your own boss, then be careful of what you say, for the sake of client relationships, market reputation, public/personal image and more.

How I handle it…

I took an 8 sessions course on mindful meditation a few months back. Applying some of the learnt techniques, I see much improvement in the way I (firstly) understand my own emotions and then react and speak to others!

Be mindful and aware of what you will say before speaking. Leave the room if needed to avoid impulsive behaviour. Stop, concentrate and observe your emotions. Then take the time to contemplate, understand and accept your feelings. Talk to the person only when you’re sure what (and how) to say. Use empathy, don’t blame the other person & be open-minded to listen, even if you disagree.

Practice and make it a habit to speak mindfully. Daily meditation will have long-term benefits. Acting responsibly and with the maturity to circumstances will help a lot as well.


While you may be tempted to say things quickly, do be careful! You’re likely to regret later on. You can make speaking mindfully a habit if you work on it properly. How do you ensure that you control what you say? Would you like to share your tips? Please do so. Thank you!

Photo courtesy: Canva & Pexels


27 thoughts on “10 reasons to speak mindfully for the better

  1. Thanks so much for posting this; I needed to read it this morning. Instead of being mindful, I’ve been being completely mindless and am in a proverbial jail of my own making. Fortunately, I’m not a physically violent person, but I am, sadly, a verbally and keyboard violent person who has hit her rock bottom. Your post spoke to me because it’s right on all fronts. Thank you.
    While I’m now following you, I’m new to following blogs in general. Can you recommend any blogs that focus on anger management, recovering from rage, maybe recovering from being raised to be an abusive person by chance?
    The best way for me to be mindful will be for me to focus on how to go from being careless to mindful because it’s much easier said than done for me.

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    1. Thanks so much, both for your comment & for your follow. I’ve not yet noticed any blog that’s specifically on the topics that you mentioned. I suggest that you search with keywords in the WordPress Reader area. You can choose to look for either posts or sites. I hope that helps. Have a nice day!

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