Are you a passionate professional?  Do you wake up every morning, looking forward to the day ahead?  Do you instead hit the alarm snooze button?  

I used to work in jobs before.  Now, for over 8 years (at the time of writing), I perform in my home office, having full control over my agenda.  Becoming a solopreneur and blogger were 2 key changes! 

When you take up a career, there are ups and downs.  Some days are better than others.  That’s ok… it’s part of reality.  However, having a heartfelt desire for work makes it worthwhile through thick and thin.

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Read on to see the benefits of being eager at work (my list of 10 reasons):

1. The passionate professional

Often people may choose a field to study in and start a job or business.  Over the years, things may plateau.  By that time, the excitement decreases.  You may feel a loss in momentum.

Having fervor makes activities much easier to undertake.  On the other hand, feeling bored or uninterested at the office doesn’t help much.  If you’re a solopreneur, like me, then you’re likely to have better flexibility to change things on your own. 

2. Do what you love

Embrace your Ikigai.  It’s a Japanese concept that can help you with your ‘why’.  Use the framework. 

‘Ikigai (生き甲斐, lit. ’a reason for being’) is a Japanese concept referring to something that gives a person a sense of purpose, a reason for living.’ – on Wikipedia.

3. Your raison d’être 

It’s vital to find meaning in what you pursue.  Knowing your raison d’être is crucial.  It took me years of moving from company to company before finding what I truly want.

Some young people aren’t sure what to go for.  They graduate, get a position in an unrelated field, and then realize that their choice wasn’t right.  I wasted quite a few years, but later on, got a better picture of my future needs. 

4. Be yourself naturally

When you think about your life purpose, you know your dream.  Being truly yourself, you can better realize your key raison d’être.  Societal norms often teach people what is expected of them.  However, there are times when you have to be yourself for the better.

If you grew up in a family running a family business, you may naturally join it.  If your parents were both lawyers, they may have expected you to become the same.  However, some people don’t feel comfortable being placed in a mold, but rather feel free living their enthusiasm.

Woman at a desk. Text: 10 reasons to embrace being a passionate professional,
Woman at a desk

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5. Courage through hardship

A burning desire to achieve a goal is often most intense at the start.  With time, life gets in the way.  The interest and motivation often decrease.  Discipline is key to self-motivation.

When you choose a sphere carefully, you can better persevere in hardship.  There can be many reasons for difficulties.  For example, the organizational environment may be unfavorable, you may have a micromanaging boss, and so on.  When you have to persist, doing so when there’s meaning is more encouraging.  

6. Work on meaningful goals

Set the right goals, spend time and effort on these. Being genuinely interested in what you have to achieve is key. It’s better for long-term results.

It can sometimes happen that goals are imposed.  If you’re employed, departmental and organizational objectives must be met.  However, a good manager will listen to what team members have to say, as this supports morale and motivation.

If you’re self-employed, you have better control over your tasks and strategy.  As a solopreneur, I can easily adjust my agenda for any urgent personal needs.  Operating from my home, I save much time not having to commute.

7. Build skills willingly

A spirited willingness to develop new skills for something you believe in is strong.  The drive for self-improvement is voluntary.  On the other hand, not having a clear aim to work on, maybe confusing.

Eagerness is primordial for long-term successful results.  When you look forward to honing your talents, be it formally or informally, you acquire new expertise.  Make the most of convenient learning methods, even from your home.

8. Enjoy lifelong learning

People grow their knowledge throughout existence.  At any age and stage of your career, you benefit from knowing more.  From doing small tasks to implementing major strategies, keeping abreast is essential.  

You may need to use new software as a tool.  Ge used to it for better productivity.  Are there strategies to implement?  Be aware of and follow current industry best practices.  Curiosity for knowledge supports enriching yourself.

In blogging, I always have something new to grasp.  With such activities, no one can remain stagnant.  From search engine optimization to social media, and much more, things evolve and I have to stay informed.  It could have been a chore, but I choose to grow personally as the gains are intrinsic.  

9. Hobbies to side-hustles

Hobbies are where passion meets purpose.  You have fun and grow personally at the same time.  Better still, earn some extra cash by making it a side-hustle.

Think of what you genuinely love to do.  Perhaps remembering what you wanted to do as a child can help.  This is a helpful way to recall what your innate self enjoys. 

Many hobbies can be monetized.  Carefully research the market, and develop the skills.  Perhaps you already practice it wonderfully, but only need to polish it a little.

10. Feel in control

Last but not least, when you do what you’ve chosen to, it’s wonderful.  Feeling in control of one’s activity is simple, yet special.  Enthusiasm is primordial, and difficult days can be faced with courage.


Living your life purpose is natural.  Visit to find your dream career certificate.  If you know someone who needs to read about being a passionate professional, please share my article.  

Home office corner. Text: 10 reasons to embrace being a passionate professional,
Home office corner

11 thoughts on “10 reasons to embrace being a passionate professional

  1. I’ve learned to often go back to my ‘why’ and it always helps me to refocus and push forward. I love what I do and it makes the ups and downs easier to deal with when I know the outcome will be so worth it for our children. Thanks for sharing!

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  2. This is a great post! I’ve started blogging and am working towards a life coaching certification because it’s something I am passionate about.

    Liked by 2 people

  3. Great tips, Sharvi! Particularly the bit about enduring through the hardships. It makes things all the more rewarding, doesn’t it? Sometimes it does take a while to establish one’s footing and not uncommon to change careers. Life is a journey!

    Liked by 2 people

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