Have you ever experienced the need to show up professionally in hard times? There are various types of circumstances in life that can make turning up unpleasant or difficult. Read my blog to see the benefits of going through such moments for the better.

Disclaimer: My blog is to be used for general information, inspirational, and motivational purposes. I share things that I’ve learned and experienced. In case of need, do seek help from a professional in the relevant field.

1. Fight shyness

It could sometimes be unpleasant to show up in a professional environment. If you’re shy and new to a particular place, you may despise it. However, seen from another angle, just go ahead and accomplish it.

I’m an ambivert and do enjoy spending enough time in solitude. In my home office, being my own boss, I control my agenda as I prefer. I work with a company in marketing and run my blog as well.

With inbound marketing, you don’t necessarily have to be an extrovert to network. The first stage of finding leads is simple. You may have to meet clients or have a virtual call to close deals. However, the initial stages can be accomplished online. There are some virtual remote jobs that introverts can enjoy.

2. Leave comfort zone

Get out of your comfort zone. Try out new things. Build up experience for self-improvement.

When I first started to blog, I was a newbie. Being careful not to put too much about myself, my first articles were shorter and somehow generic. Now that I’ve had the experience, I can better express myself.

Think of the time when your parents first took you to the swimming pool as a child. Did you dive in right away? You probably cried, feeling scared. Little by little, you went in and after more sessions, you probably enjoyed it, right?

3. Build self-confidence

Self-esteem is primordial. When you accept and admire yourself for who you are, you embrace your true self. With self-confidence, you can take calculated risks for better success.

Take an example of the most successful athletes. They practice a lot before the Olympics. It takes years of training to just perform for a few minutes on the big day. Not everyone wins. However, everyone participating performs at a high level.

All the contestants who truly believe in themselves have the assertiveness to dare. On the other hand, think of others who didn’t persevere enough and think big. It’s very competitive to be selected at such a level, and most people don’t make it. However, only those who dared ever even tried!

4. It’s challenging

Taking challenges isn’t easy. It’s hard work. There can also be a fear of failure.

I had spent years in corporate jobs, feeling that these weren’t what I wanted in life. When I decided to move on and work from my home office, it was a challenging time. I’ve been working on my terms for 8 years (at the time of writing) knowing it’s my life purpose.

Daring to try out new things can be for the better or worse. Everyone doesn’t get desired results. Many even give up halfway.

Take calculated decisions. Use facts and evidence whenever possible, taking a data-driven approach. Mitigate the unexpected in life, as far as you can.

5. Break the ice

Are you passionate about public speaking? Have you tried it before? Was it stressful?

‘Glossophobia or speech anxiety is the fear of public speaking’ – as on Wikipedia

I was once a member of a public speaking club. The first project that any new member worked on, was a short speech to introduce themself, breaking the ice. This first step supports getting out of your comfort zone.

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6. Ignore office politics

If you’re in the corporate world, you know how office politics happens. There can be bullies anywhere, not only during childhood at school. While young people have to deal with peer pressure, anyone at any age could feel threatened.

Hard times don’t last forever. Don’t let these discourage you in any way. Learn from life struggles and grow stronger. Often those practicing it, only want their victims to shy out.

7. Handle online bullying

People do experience online bullying. Vloggers can get hate comments. Anyone on social media can as well. This can be discouraging.

If you’re on the internet to express yourself, do be thoughtful. Give information mindfully. Some bloggers often use a pen name to protect their identity. Take criticism positively in the form of feedback to improve.

I’ve enabled manual comment approval on my blog. I also delete spam that automatically gets filtered. It’s possible to disable commenting but prevents readers from sending valuable feedback.

8. Recover

If you’re ill, it can prevent you from turning up at the office. Working from home, you can do certain tasks without having to commute. If you’re bedridden for a while you should prioritize rest at all costs.

Self-care is primordial. Recover, get the energy, and then return back to business. Never neglect yourself.

Drink enough water, eat healthily, sleep properly, and have regular exercise. These are some basic, yet vital daily habits. You need to be in shape to focus and progress on set goals.

9. Emotionally strong

Emotion could also deter anyone’s attention from being visible professionally. For example, if a close one passes away, people need to grieve. It’s natural to go through such a phase.

It’s not an easy moment in life. Colleagues may notice that whoever is experiencing such a time, feels down. Emotion does show on the face, even though some tend to be more affected than others. Life goes on and so do important commitments.

10. Learn from difficulties

There can be many such circumstances where you face hardship. Making an appearance for a career or business reason can be discouraging. However, getting over it, everything looks easier than before.


Undesired events may create obstacles sometimes, but getting over these is crucial for success. If you know someone who needs to read my blog, please share it for more people to see. Have you ever experienced circumstances when you had to show up professionally in hard times?

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  1. So true, it’s challenging, especially when things aren’t going smoothly. We should learn from such experiences and grow resilient.

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